Nadine Rashad | SISD
Nadine Rashad
Dec 05, 2017

Nadine Rashad

I was born and raised in a countryside town in Switzerland where nature and children have always been a part of my life. My passion for travelling brought me to Cairo, where I started teaching at an international school. I was instantly fascinated by the culture, the vibrant life and the interesting student community. The large classes also left me wondering how I could attend to the needs of each student and I embarked on a journey to learn and teach at different schools in Cairo and Dubai. My home is an IB classroom, where open-minded, motivated students push themselves and inquire deeply into proposed subject areas.

In my job as an educator it is key for me to recognize each child and their personality, strengths and weakness. Respect is always common ground and it is important that my students feel safe in an encouraging, stimulating and challenging learning environment, which I foster permanently.

I am a natural optimist and am passionate about people around me. Children are an inspiration and I feel successful when small milestones are reached, concepts understood and conflicts between students solved out of own initiative. I come alive in a classroom while promoting values and skills that raise and build creative minds and caring hearts. I enjoy the international diversity of the UAE and am working at SISD because it perfectly matches my vision for quality education and high standards of teaching and learning while catering to the individual needs of each student.