Padraig Carey | SISD
Padraig Carey
Aug 05, 2021

Padraig Carey

Born and raised in Ireland, Sports and Physical Activity have always been a passion of mine. This passion formed the basis of my Educational journey which lead to me completing a Msc Sports Performance from the University Of Limerick. Over the years I have worked with Sports people of all age groups and assisted them in preparing for Sporting competitions both Nationally and Internationally

I have held teaching roles in Ireland and the UK and as an educator my vision is to empower pupils to express creativity and thrive in their own unique learning style, and for pupils to fully embrace ideas and challenges with a vision of excellence.

I am enormously excited to begin working in SISD, the facilities and the environment provide me with a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop and help inspire the next generations of entrepreneur’s adept in shaping a better future where pupils become responsible and active members of society.

I would describe myself as an physically active person, I love sports and outdoors activities such as hiking and cycling, Football & Rugby.