Patty Musch | SISD
Patty Musch
Nov 24, 2017

Patty Musch

I am a fully qualified Primary School teacher specialized in Early Years. Prior to teaching in SISD I taught in Holland, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the UAE as an Early Years and Primary teacher for 20 years. I have experience of working with children with a wide range of learning needs and abilities. These experiences have enabled me to develop a complex range of skills to adapt my teaching to ensure that all children’s individual needs are met.

My personal ethos is centered on helping children to become independent, confident and curious learners by providing relevant and practical experiences. I believe children learn best when they are interested and excited to learn. In order for this to take place I aim to build warm and positive relationships with children where they feel safe, secure and happy to explore in collaboration with others.

I thoroughly enjoy working as part of the wonderful  international team here at SISD.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy socializing with friends and exploring new countries with my husband and three sons. As my adventure in Dubai continues I hope to tick off many more destinations.