Razan Hendawi | SISD
Razan Hendawi
Aug 04, 2022

Razan Hendawi

I was born and raised in a beautiful country named “Syria” and grew up in a loving and supportive family.

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Aleppo and embarked on an academic journey focused on linguistic studies of the Arabic language.

My passion for reading started at an early age, influenced by many remarkable people, and one of them was my aunt, who played a great role in making reading a significant part of my childhood. Also, the positive feedback from my dear secondary school Arabic teacher boosted my confidence in myself and my pen. All of that led me to where I am (a teacher and a step writer) as I took my first step in professional writing and content creation years ago.

What I seek in teaching is to guide the students to what they are truly capable of achieving and to help them recognize the aesthetics of language and use it as a language of life and communication, not just a language they need to study.

I believe that I will find sufficient support to achieve this mission in a nurturing and diverse environment like the SISD School.