Sean Fenton | SISD
Sean Fenton
Dec 05, 2017

Sean Fenton

Born and raised in the city of Bath, England surrounded by Bath Rugby and Roman History it was inevitable that I would follow my interests of sport and history into education at a later stage of my life.

My teaching journey began after I left the British Army where I was in the Grenadier Guards and had the honor of guarding the Queen as well as seeing many different places in this wonderful world which fuelled my love of travel and meeting different people from across the planet.

On leaving the Army I trained as a Sports and History Teacher at the University of Gloucestershire. I soon realised that my main passion and enthusiasm for teaching is with students with different educational needs, to help these students reach their full ability and ensure all students feel fully included within the school.

Outside of school I love to travel with my young daughters, to play and watch sports of all types and to enjoy family time.