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Simone Brown
Aug 02, 2022

Simone Brown

Music and Art are in my DNA. My father Wayne is a musicologist and multi-instrumentalist, a hit singer songwriter, and a highly successful entrepreneur. My mother Therese is an Australian Music Festival Producer, multi-disciplinary performance art producer, and an award-winning painter.
They threw their full weight behind supporting me to follow my dreams to perform professionally, and then again when I decided to become an educator.

I turned to teaching after 10 happy years as a performer because believe passionately in the transformative power of the arts, and the role that teaching arts based disciplines has to play in helping young people become truly global citizens that contribute in valuable and meaningful ways to the creation of a better and kinder world.

I am very active and enjoy hiking, pilates, yoga, paddle boarding, rollerskating and rock climbing. I have a keen interest in contemporary art and theatre and also enjoy attending live music performances in my free time. I am a firm believer in giving back to my community and I really look forward to joining the team at SISD and doing my part to help create a community of global citizens.