Suman Batra | SISD
Suman Batra
Aug 02, 2022

Suman Batra

I was born and raised in a colourful and vibrant country, India which is rich in values, diversity and cultural heritage. My culture has taught me to live with humility and respect people from diverse backgrounds, religions and ethnicities. I am married with a 15-year-old son who is in his DP years.

I hold a Master’s degree in Library Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching with extremely sound technological skills. I have been working for more than two decades, out of which, I have spent a decade in the capacity of Library Teacher at various esteemed IB schools in India and Thailand.

I love the work portfolio because it allows me a variety of tasks: from reading to young children to suggesting, guiding, supporting, enabling, empowering and helping the older students.

Over the past few years, while working as a Library Teacher, the spark to read books ignited in me and my passion took the shape of a public library. I sowed the seeds of this library all by myself to cater to the needs of every individual irrespective of age, gender and background.

I enjoy reading books and being surrounded by a variety of books always excites me, inspires me and gives me a fresh breath of air which in turn, rejuvenates me.

take pride in saying that I’m a global citizen since I love to stay abreast of what goes around the world. This helps me in my various kinds of interactions, especially with older children in the context of their project research.