Susan Mathias | SISD
Susan Mathias
Aug 05, 2021

Susan Mathias

Born and raised in Gloucester, England, I sang and danced my way through School, which prepared me well to study Performing Arts in London.

Modelling myself on teachers who inspired me, I obtained a PGCE in Oxford so that I might share my enthusiasm for music, dance and drama with young people.

Following my first teaching experience in a London Primary School and some voluntary community service in Canada, I moved back to England to teach in Bristol. One husband and 3 daughters later, we moved to Germany where our 4th daughter was born. There we settled, bringing up our children biculturally. I taught at a variety of Schools and participated in many musical projects, programmes and concerts. So I cannot think of a more suitable bilingual community of learners to share talents with than at SISD, here in the UAE where my husband now works.

In my free time I enjoy family reunions, swimming, cycling, walking/hiking, travelling and camping as well as performing in choirs and various instrumental ensembles.