Thomas Mbulika Imboha | SISD
Thomas Mbulika Imboha
Aug 05, 2021

Thomas Mbulika Imboha

Born in Kenya, the land of safari, tea and the great wildebeest migration. I am married with four children who are now grown-ups.

I attended Musingu High school in Kenya for my O-and A- level education before proceeding to Kenyatta university where I graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Chemistry) second class upper division in 1988. I have since taught the International Baccalaureate (DP/MYP) as well as the British curriculum in a number of schools in Kenya, Bahrain and the UAE.

I double as an IBEN educator with the following roles:

IB Chemistry/ATLS/Sciences Workshop leader, IB Consultant,

IB Course outline Reader, IB Reader, BQC Reviewer, IB examiner (Chemistry).

I enjoy travelling and interacting with different cultures. I listen to music to calm me down when I need to.

I am a teacher by choice. I passionately believe that through education I can contribute to making the world a better and more peaceful place to leave.

I live to make a difference in the world. This defines my vision. To this end, I join SISD to increase the lattitute of young minds that I can positively impact.