Victoria Adams | SISD
Victoria Adams
Aug 02, 2022

Victoria Adams

I have had the pleasure of serving for many years as Mandarin Chinese teacher at a well-established International Baccalaureate school in my hometown of Kailua, Hawaii.    I have also served as Curriculum Coordinator for an International Baccalaureate school in Beijing, China with an innovative and dedicated Primary Years Programme team of 24 educators.

Bilingualism is a life-long passion passed down from my beloved grandfather who taught us open-mindedness, tolerance, and provided us with a globally oriented childhood.  When I learned of the dedication to bilingualism and IB education at SISD I knew it was the school for me!

I strive to embrace, honor, and respect the unique socio-cultural identity of each student.  I am fully committed to collaborating with my students, families, and colleagues to create genuinely meaningful learning experiences.  I am invested in inquiry and exploration as a central mode of teaching and learning.  I am passionate about making teaching and learning visible by developing deeply reflective pedagogical documentation.

When I’m not tinkering with simple coding games or building project-based learning engagements, I can be found reading comic books, hiking the mountains around my house or swimming in the ocean.