Zosia Bucheli | SISD
Zosia Bucheli
Aug 05, 2021

Zosia Bucheli

I grew up in South Africa in a rich multicultural environment. My father is Polish and mother Afrikaans, yet I attended an English school. This has set the backdrop to the diversity of thought to which I approach life.

I am passionate about making education accessible to all, and strive for excellence in all that I do. I have professional experience at schools in South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Switzerland. My love for learning led me to attain 3 degrees in education and I am currently completing my fourth, a PhD.

As a passionate educator with a strong desire to support students towards their learning goals, my mother’s life work in inclusion for over forty years, has enhanced my vision towards an inclusive education environment: where barriers to learning are broken and all students are provided the opportunity to excel.

At a personal level, I find great joy in learning about cultures, traveling with my husband, a Swiss national, being active outdoors and learning new things.

Working at SISD fulfills my vision of making an impact in a world class educational environmental, in an international setting, which is rooted in the tradition of Swiss excellence.