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What is your bullying policy?
Feb 13, 2019

What is your bullying policy?

Any behavior-related issues, including those related to the forms of bullying, should always be immediately addressed by the teacher responsible for the students at that time, including incidences on hallways, during playtime etc.

In the event that a student displays repetitive behaviors unaligned with the School Behaviour Policy, faculty members are encouraged to record them on the student’s individual profile on their iSAMS, accessible to all teachers working with the student.

In case of behavioral episodes that involve inappropriate use of language, physical aggression, self-harm or harm to others, the witness is expected to write an incident report and share it with the Early Years/Primary/Secondary Deputy.

Our approach to Pastoral Care emphasizes the central role that reflection plays in education. For students who find difficulty in respecting the behaviour agreements, a restorative approach centered on reflection is used.

To learn more about our Essential Agreements, contact our Pastoral Care Team.

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