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What is your homework policy?
Feb 13, 2019

What is your homework policy?

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai develops homework in meaningful ways, emphasizing the importance of connecting classroom learnings to the real world.

Homework is viewed as an opportunity to connect inquiry in the classroom to life at home. It is used to enhance inquiry, allow for student independence and develop connections. Homework is designed to be personalized, targeted and meaningful, where quality is valued over quantity.

In Primary school, homework is divided into mandatory and non-mandatory. Mandatory homework targets reading, word work/grammar, and math skills and concepts. Optional homework includes concept-based activities connected to the unit of inquiry.

In Secondary School, homework is recorded by students in their diaries. Teachers only assign work that contributes to learning. Students are expected to complete one to two hours of homework (depending on their Grade level) per core subject, per week.  

To learn more about homework expectation please refer to our School Handbook.