SISD is a leading bilingual English and French School in Dubai. At SISD we believe that being ‘international’ means opening one’s mind to other cultures and different ways of thinking. Our students are uniquely privileged to be learning the skills and aptitudes required to thrive in a perpetually changing world, as a fundamental part of their education.

This bilingual English and French School, Dubai is first and foremost a uniquely international community where students, teachers and staff from all over the world work, live and prosper together.

Our students have the opportunity to become multilingual, with the option of entering one of our immersive bilingual programmes in either of the Swiss languages of French and German or studying an additional language within our English+ stream. Our international programmes reflect a sincere commitment to a Swiss vision of excellence in education that enables our students to embrace future opportunities fully.

Well over 60 nationalities are represented on campus, which creates an exceptional mix of languages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds.



  • Full IB Continuum
  • Immersive language teaching
  • Bilingual English-French or English-German
  • Student centered learning
  • International qualified teachers
  • Pastoral Care
  • English language support
Campus and Facilities


  • Luxurious, state of the art campus
  • Spacious classrooms
  • Inspiring curiousity and creativity
  • Cutting edge facilities: 650 seated auditorium, 3 libraries, 1 Olympic pool, 440m outdoor running track, 2 sports halls, 1 football and rugby pitch, 2 outdoor tennis courts
  • Weekly and full boarding


  • Diverse and inclusive
  • 70 different nationalities
  • KHDA Happy Healthy School Award
  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainable school


  • Pathways into healthcare careers
  • Technology Innovation
  • Cutting edge Robotics, science labs and food technology
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