Grade 3 | SISD
Grade 3
Sep 24, 2017

Grade 3

The bilingual English-French stream at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai is an immersive programme where both, English and French are the languages of instruction across the curriculum. All lessons aside from Art, Music and Physical Education are taught as part of the bilingual programme.

At SISD all teachers are language teachers. Classroom teachers are responsible for the language of instruction. Language Arts consists of oral, visual and written language, including listening and speaking, viewing and presenting, and reading and writing. The learning objectives for these strands of Language are organized into 5 phases on a developmental continuum.

Reading: We teach reading through literature based inquiry, encouraging independent reading and using guided reading instruction.
Writing: We teach writing using the Writer’s Workshop approach, modeling 9 text types and the traits of good writing. Approximately 90% of Language is taught through the programme of inquiry. English, German or French support is provided to students by teachers from the Language department.

The two teachers assess the children in each of the two languages of instruction. As the English and the French or German speaking teachers collaboratively plan the six week long units of inquiry, they also plan the ongoing assessments taking place in their class.