Students at the Swiss School visit Dubai Design District | SISD
Mar 14, 2018

Students at the Swiss School visit Dubai Design District

Perfectly aligning with the SISD grade 8 students’ current unit, where they are gaining knowledge regarding the concepts of identity and innovation in the visual arts, students engaged themselves in an audio visual 4D field trip to the Dubai Design District (D3) guided by their arts & design teachers.

The acclaimed Van Gogh Alive “a fully immersive audio-visual exhibition held under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development”  was indeed an exceptional opportunity for our students to experience Dutch Post-Impressionist’s most famous works in a unique way using forty high-definition projectors. Students were then introduced to the outstanding curriculum and workshops now offered by the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) assembled jointly by MIT and Parsons Institute.

While asking themselves, “What are landscape actually documenting?” students also enjoyed an onsite landscape drawing session in the heart of D3. This activity, tied in the learning process with the development of observational sketching skills important to contemporary artists. Fueled by this authentic experience in the utmost creative hub the UAE has to offer, our students are now back in the studio to produce a multi layered mixed media art work constructed as a reflection of their own understanding of landscaping, the final outcome of their unit: “Terra Incognita”.