Lana Zakaria


There is no ONE style of learning that fits ALL- Students continuously challenge and inspire teachers to find new ways that cater to their different learning styles and abilities.

I am a highly motivated individual with an ongoing thirst for growth opportunities that can leverage and further enhance my skill set as a teacher, one of many reasons I was eager and excited to join the SISD community.

This year marks my sixth year as a PYP English language teacher for Kindergarteners. Being an energetic and a bubbly person at heart, I believe my energy and that of an early years’ learner compliments the teaching and learning processes wonderfully. My remarkable learners constantly inspire me the same way I hope to inspire them. They always manage to draw a big smile on my face with their innocent souls, loving hearts and fearless minds. They constantly challenge me to become a better teacher the same way I challenge them to become curious learners. Our positive energies fuel up our creative engines that keep us going and aiming towards bettering ourselves. Kindergarteners are truly the reason I have fallen in love with being a teacher.

Outside of my work life, I am a singer/songwriter and a proud member of the Jordanian Female Artist Collective (JFAC), a leading female group in the music scene in Jordan. I also enjoy travelling, playing tennis and taking part in outdoor activities.