Nadine Reiling


“The true strength in our classroom lies in the collaboration of learners not in the knowledge of one expert.” – unknown-

Born and raised in Germany I moved to Dubai five years ago. I have thirteen years of professional experience in teaching children from 1- 6 years and have developed a teaching concept about social emotional capacities in children.

Teaching is my passion. In my classroom you can see how “wonder”-ful children are, grow and learn from each other, be a part of  this “childhood” – community in a respectful way, save childhood moments, create memories together, explore the world, be an inquirer and much more.

In my free time I love reading, yoga, gymnastics, enjoying time with my family and my two years old daughter. I love being outside, exploring the environment with my daughter and see her grow. I’m happy to be a part of the SISD family and therefore a lucky teacher in one of the best schools in Dubai.