Rowena Isais


Teaching is not looking at the mirrors but looking through windows.

Before I came to Dubai as a Teaching Assistant, I was a pharmacist for a total of 10 years, since I graduated from the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in the Philippines.

I am happily married and both me and my husband are working together in Dubai. During my spare time, I love watching movies and do yoga.

In 2011, my journey begun when I decided to shift my career from being a pharmacist to a Teaching Assistant. I love being a pharmacist but working with the children has always been my dream.

An opportunity came when I got to work with SISD last 2016. It has been a privileged to work with the children especially at the beginning of their learning, they always bring me joy and even teach me to appreciate things in life that is why I am proud and grateful that I have been part of SISD.