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Current Vacancies

Our School Philosophy commits to both academic excellence and unity. We therefore strive to employ highly motivated, international and talented teachers with outstanding creative minds to make learning a lively and fulfilling experience for our students. We are currently seeking teachers with experience in Early Years and Kindergarten Teaching as well as the IB PYP and MYP.

Applicants must have a relevant degree and teaching qualification as well as a minimum of two years’ qualified teaching experience in an international context and/or a Swiss Primary School in either French or German.

If you are interested in becoming part of our dynamic team, please apply for the relevant vacancy below.

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• To lead and develop the implementation of a campus cleaning program including day school operations and boarding.
• To conduct and document daily and weekly facilities inspections, communicating findings and developing action plans as a result of these findings.
• To ensure compliance with health and safety standards and industry codes.
• To lead and manage all services such as cleaning, waste disposal, pest control, and cleaning consumable supply.
• To negotiate and compare costs for when obtaining quotes from cleaning consumable and equipment suppliers for goods and services to maximize cost-effectiveness.
• To performance manage, develop and train cleaning staff, ensuring maximum utilization of the team and regular tracking of performance against targets set.
• To develop and implement cost reduction initiatives.
• To provide regular and relevant feedback to the Head of Facilities to ensure the school leadership team are aware of critical issues immediately and progress against planned activities.
• To manage the work of the third party cleaning staff which will include training, instructing and supervising.
• To prepare weekly and monthly reports and PPM plan for cleaning.
• To establish and maintain housekeeping schedules and assign employees to areas for various housekeeping duties; conduct comprehensive inspection to check the completion of work assignments.
• To support school events
• To carry out general FM department administration works.

This not an exhaustive list and all duties/responsibilities:

• Design, prepare and deliver a high quality curriculum for grades within the IB MYP and/or IB DP framework to suit the individual needs of all students
• Nurture meaningful relationships with students and provide the individual attention they need
• Inspire mixed culture and ability classes, by creating challenging yet inclusive and engaging learning opportunities for all students
• Maintain constant awareness of the needs of any students to whom English is additional language
• Maintain a safe learning environment for students
• Assess and monitor student progress and provide targets so that all learners can see success and improve incessantly
• Liaise with the Head of Secondary School and curriculum coordinators to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum to specified classes, including selecting resources and managing them efficiently in the classroom
• Assume responsibility for the pastoral care of a class of students, paying particular attention to personal development and child protection
• Collaborate with other secondary teachers and curriculum coordinators to deliver an interdisciplinary curriculum and share new ideas, approaches and professional knowledge
• Communicate accurately and regularly with parents
• Participate in school activities outside regular school hours to include, but not limited to, ASA’s, Boarding House(s) support, school trips, staff meetings, parent’s evenings, open days, INSET days, professional development training sessions, conferences and workshops, induction and if applicable examination supervision

The Executive Assistant to the Founder and COO is responsible for the provision of a high quality EA service that supports the educational ambitions of SISD.

To provide a highly proactive EA service to the Founder and COO
• To have sole responsibility for diary management and organize both internal and external meetings and travel arrangements for the Founder and COO
• To manage the scheduling of meetings for the Founder and COO, ensuring agendas are set where applicable
• To act as a ‘gatekeeper’ and manage the flow of contact to the Founder and COO, filtering all communications and exercising judgement with regard to the degree of urgency and high standards of tact and diplomacy in the referral of matters
• To support the flow of communication from the Founder and COO and maintaining a coherent brand message across all communications
• To take minutes and monitor complex and sensitive actions for strategic groups, including but not limited to Shareholders and Directors of the Board, taking follow up action or advising of problems/delays as necessary
• To provide an effective and supportive environment for the Founder and COO to carry out their duties
• To build effective working relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external
• To build working relationships and effectively liaise with the pool of existing assistants across the campus
• To make decisions and initiate appropriate action on behalf of the Founder and COO or by directing to others
• To manage private matters for the Founder and COO, including but not limited to medical/vehicle insurances/registrations
• To manage the private matters for the Founder and the COO
• To undertake any other duties as assigned by the Founder and COO

• To lead the inclusion team as a whole
• To take the lead on safeguarding across the school
• To support staff in understanding the learning needs of students with specific needs and the importance of raising their achievement through disseminating the most effective teaching approaches
• To liaise with the inclusion team and teachers to ensure that appropriate provision is made for children across all areas of the curriculum
• To coordinate and support the planning for the teaching and support of identified children
• To maintain a register of students with specific needs identifying and tracking provision being made
• To provide guidance and assist teachers in identifying students with learning, behavioural, medical or emotional difficulties
• To advise and co-ordinate detailed assessments when necessary
• To advise and assist teachers and other members of staff in planning individual or group programmes for students who require extra provision
• To monitor teaching and learning of students who have been identified as requiring specific support
• To ensure that appropriate methods of assessing and recording student’s needs and progress are maintained
• To keep informed of current developments by attending relevant courses, reading and study
• To select equipment and materials for order within an agreed budget.
• To liaise with other agencies including the school health service, speech therapists etc
• To organise and chair regular meetings to discuss the needs and progress of identified students
• To organise and chair review meetings for parents to discuss progress of individual students
• To support and monitor (including performance management) the work of the inclusion team
• To organise professional development opportunities for staff
• In consultation with the Head of School, Head of Secondary School, Head of Primary School and Head of Early Years develop and keep under constant review all relevant policies.
• To ensure inclusive practice and equality of opportunity for all.
• To support SISD’s commitment to safeguarding its students.
• To support SISDs vision and move the school towards excellence
• To manage the inclusion team budget

The role of Secondary Music Teacher is to deliver excellent teaching and learning in the context of the IB Middle Years Programme (grades 6 to 10) and/or the IB DP Programme (grades 11 to 12 as these grades open).

The MYP Coordinator:
• Plays a key role in the whole-school implementation and organization of the programme in close collaboration with the Head of Secondary School
• Is responsible for the facilitation of a programme that is collaboratively planned, communicated, taught and assessed
• The MYP Coordinator is a member of the pedagogical leadership team

The Head of ICT develops and implements the ICT strategy in coordination with the educational and leadership teams. The Head of ICT and his/her team ensure that the school’s computer network is functional at all times and all ICT users and labs are fully supported at all times.

The Personal Assistant to the Head of School is responsible for the provision of a high quality PA service that supports the educational ambitions of SISD.