The SISD Parents' Association


The SISD Parents’ Association’s role is to foster a community culture and support the school with its B.E.S.T objectives through events and special initiatives.

The SISD PA is lead by an Executive Committee that functions according to an official Terms of Reference governing its members and processes in alignment with SISD’s policies.

The PA’s role is to foster a community culture through events and the facilitation of communication between parents and SISD administration regarding student life, social issues and general school operations; all in alignment with SISD’s mission, objectives and policies.

How does the PA contribute to SISD’s B.E.S.T. & more?

  • Through our communication with parents and school leadership we elevate connection and support the improvement and Excellence of our school overall.
  • Through toy and book donations, used uniforms sales and careful use of materials throughout all our activities, we play a role in minimizing our environmental footprint and keep up with our school’s Sustainability
  • Through events spread out throughout the year, such as our International Day and Winter Market, we help build our community bond and culture which drive Togetherness.
  • Through charitable work such as Ramadan care packages and teacher’s appreciation lunches we enhance the Spirit of Giving and Gratitude.
  • Through programs such as the parent-buddy program and representation for each grade section level, we ensure Inclusion and Belonging.

The Parent Association operates according to an established constitution that allows new members to join the PA annually. We are proud to represent SISD, honored to serve our whole community and grateful for the ongoing support we get from all families, partners and school administrators.

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