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SISD is not only an IB World School, but also home to bilingualism in the UAE. Using biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages, SISD offers an immersive IB programme to students aged 3-19 that can be accessed in English, French and German.

Two classroom teachers, speaking English and French/German, co-teach the Early Years and Primary Years Programme, and select subjects allow Secondary students to matriculate with Bilingual MYP and DP qualification. 

In our Secondary school, we also offer students the opportunity to graduate with a Bilingual Diploma or an Advanced Bilingual Diploma. We are the only school in the UAE to offer an Advanced Bilingual Diploma.

As an IB World School, bilingual allows students to “learn by doing”, a core education strategy of the 4 programmes. Neuroanatomical science has shown evidence that studying a second language increases brain functioning and plasticity and improved memory, leading to better academic achievements, strong social skills, enhanced performance in creative thinking and problem solving. Research also highlights that speakers of multiple languages learn further languages more easily and has significant cognitive benefits. Overall the benefits are enormous!

The bilingual pathway at SISD reflects a commitment to the school’s mission of recognising the unique potential of every student and providing our learners with an opportunity to play a responsible role in a multicultural world, and the recognition of the benefits of being multilingual demonstrated in research.

Who is the Bilingual stream for?

The bilingual pathways suits the needs of a variety of students (and parents), including:

  • Current SISD families who seek a stronger focus on both French/German and English
  • Local or newly-arrived families in Dubai who are looking for an International curriculum and want their children to learn in two languages (English and French/German)
  • French/German speaking Swiss families who are looking for a greater exposure to English for their children, while continuing French/German as an academic language.
Learning Streams - 3
Bilingual Programme
Learning Streams - 2
Bilingual Programme
Learning Streams - 1
IB STEAM Programme
(French/German as an additional language)

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Bilingualism is an incredible gift to give to a child. It broadens mental development, thought patterns and world perspective

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It once was a common misconception that being bilingual worsened your cognitive abilities, confused children or even delayed their development.

Dispelling myths about bilingualism

SISD is one of the few bilingual schools in the UAE, offering English/French, English/German, and English with French or German as a second language.

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Bilingualism is much more than learning another language. How well people speak a second language (or more) depends on age, family life, language education.