At SISD, we are very proud of our uniform, and students are expected to wear the SISD uniform at all times when present on campus unless specific permission otherwise has been authorized. 

School uniform is also to be worn when representing SISD off campus – for example, when attending sports fixtures or participating in field trips. SISD uniforms are ready for pick-up at Zaks Uniform Store on Jumeirah Beach Road.

Early Years and Primary School

Students wear shorts/skort, button down blouse/shirt or red/white polo shirt, white/charcoal socks, trainers – no sandals are permitted. On PE days, students wear the sports shorts and a polo shirt. On swimming days, It is compulsory for students from KG1 to Grade 5 to bring school swimming costume, trunks (for boys), swimming top (for boys), water shoes, goggles and swimming caps. They will also need to bring a swimming bag for their wet swimming suits. The available SISD swimming bag is optional. Long pants and long sleeved blouses/shirts are also optional, available on order and take approximately two weeks. The available grey sweaters/jumpers are part of the school uniform for the cooler months. A summer cap / hat is also compulsory for students in Pre-KG to Grade 2, and optional for students in Grades 3-5.

Please always clearly label school uniform items with the child’s name, last name, and grade and section e.g. John Smith KG1A. In addition, each day the children need to bring their: School ID, reusable water bottle that can be refilled, Snack and lunch box. These items should be labelled with the child’s name and fit inside their backpack.

Secondary School

Students wear official black knee-length shorts/knee-length skirt/long trousers, SISD shirt/blouse or red/white polo shirt. Only official SISD uniform items are permitted. SISD hoodies and sweaters only: no exceptions. All secondary students are required to change into the official PHE uniform shirt at the beginning of each lesson and back into their standard uniform after class. Students arriving to school out of uniform will be subject to the behaviour policy procedures and may be given spare uniform items to wear for the day. Repeated violations will result in escalated consequences. Shoes should be closed-toe and sensible. Make-up and jewelry are permissible but should not be excessive. Facial hair should be kept neatly trimmed. On swimming days, It is compulsory for students from Grade 6 to 8 to bring school swimming costume, trunks (for boys), swimming top (for boys), water shoes, goggles and swimming caps.

Please note: For Grade 11 & 12, no school uniform is required. Business attire is the dress code.  Please see the dress code policy for G11 and G12 students here.


Students may wear sensible, closed toe shoes to school, and appropriate sports footwear for PE and sports-based activities.

As a sustainable school, we are delighted to be one of the first schools in the world to offer the Thaely brand as an option for our school uniform. Thaely shoes are 100% vegan and made from a material that looks and feels like leather, but is made from recycled materials and upcycled plastic bags. The shoes are very durable, are very comfortable and they look great!
Thaely have a preferential price for all SISD parents of 240AED per pair. More information about the shoes can be found here  https://thaely.com/
Please visit Thaely.com and enter the code SISDAES22 to avail the discount.

Parents are responsible for purchasing the full uniform set.

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