Dr. Yamein Ahmed
School Doctor

SISD's dedicated care for your child

Your child’s health is important to us, and for that purpose; SISD has a dedicated school clinic, open every day between 7:30 am to the end of the school day. The clinic is operated by a DHA licensed team: 1 full-time doctor and 3 registered nurses.

The Clinic and Healthcare Team is responsible for:

  • Carrying out first aid and emergency care for school-related injuries.
  • Assessing and managing chronic and acute illnesses.
  • Intervening with current and potential health problems.
  • Promoting health and safety among the school community.
  • Organize health education activities and health awareness campaigns at the school.

Clinic Procedure

  1. The school clinic provides first aid only for illnesses and injuries that occur in school during school hours. Any illness or injury occurring outside of school must be treated privately at home.
  2. If a student is ill or injured, they should be kept at home until they are deemed fit enough to return to school by their treating doctor. Please email the class teacher/grade coordinator and copy the clinic ( or and the department’s secretary, explaining your child’s reason for absence. A sick student will not be allowed back in school without a medical clearance certificate detailing that the child is fit to return to school.
  3. If the student is not feeling well at school, then the student will inform the teacher who will then send the unwell student to the clinic. The child will be assessed by the clinic staff and first aid will be provided according to the Clinic’s regulations and protocols and the signed medical consent.
  4. Unwell students will be observed after treatment for an average of 20 minutes in the clinic. The student will be sent back to the class if deemed to be stable by the clinic team. The decision to send a child back to class or home is done at the discretion and judgment of the clinic staff.
  5. At the discretion of the clinic staff, parents will be contacted via their registered numbers, according to the Clinic’s Communication Policy. If one parent does not answer, the other will be contacted. They will be informed about the situation of their child and whether the student can go back to class or needs to go home or the hospital. Students may not contact their parents on their own to collect them.
  6. Parents are required to pick up their children within 30 minutes (in cases of suspicion of communicable diseases, flu-like illness, or a suspicion of COVID-19) or within 1 hour (for other illnesses or injuries) after being informed to collect their children. 
  7. Emergency cases that require immediate transfer to the emergency department will follow the Clinic’s Accidents, Injuries and Medical Emergencies Procedure and Policy.
  8. Students whose parents have not submitted their medical consents cannot be treated in the school’s clinic. Only in cases of emergency will first aid be applied according to the Clinic’s Accidents, Injuries and Medical Emergencies Procedure and Policy.
  9. Under no circumstances is a student permitted to leave the school because of illness unless arrangements for dismissal have been made through the clinic. They must be assessed by the clinic before they are released to their parents and excused from school.
  10. Parents should not send medications, inhalers, or pills in students’ bags without prior approval from the clinic.


Our Clinic Team is available to consult with parents as needed, regarding any health-related concerns:

  • For all medical or health inquires, kindly reach them at
  • For inquiries related to COVID-19, please email the clinic at


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