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Welcome to SISD – we are excited to welcome you to our school community. All the information you will need for your child’s first day at school is detailed below.

Parent Portal Access
Please ensure you have logged in before the start of the school year.

Security Badges
To ensure a safe environment for our school community all parents, students and others authorized to collect students are required to have an official SISD photo identification card.
We recommend you complete and submit the Security Badge form before the start of school to ensure that your SISD ID cards are ready for collection. Please follow the SISD Security Badge Process 2022-23

NOTE: For parents with older siblings already at SISD, please re-submit the Security Badge Form as we will issue new parent badges mentioning all children at SISD.

Transfer Certificate
To register your child with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), we will need a Transfer Certificate before the start of school:

  • Dubai : all students joining us from another school ( excluding nurseries)
  • Rest of the world: for students entering Grade 2 and above

Please follow the Guidelines and use the Transfer Certificate Sample.

After-School Activities
Our students are encouraged to attend SISD’s After School Activities (ASAs) as these provide them with the opportunity to be active, learn new skills and have fun. The ASA Parent Handbook will be sent to all parents. It will include the final ASA schedules, important dates and deadlines for registration, rules and regulations, a guide to use the online registration system, and contact details. Registration for ASAs will only take place after the start of the school year.

School Teams
Tryouts for our school teams take place after the start of the school year.