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The IBMYP learning pathways available at SISD for grades 6-8 provides students with a balanced curriculum that focuses student learning through inquiry-based activities, for students to continually build and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding through the investigation of global concepts in real-life contexts in 8 subject areas. Language and Literature; Language Acquisition; Mathematics, Science, Individuals and Societies, Design, The Arts and Physical and Health Education. All students will engage in at least 3 languages (language and level studied will depend on language pathway chosen).

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SISD offers 4 language pathways to complete the MYP program.

Bilingual French/English pathway
Bilingual French/English pathway of study includes Language and Literature – English and Language and Literature French; Arabic, and addition French will be the language of instruction for 2 of the other subject areas. 
Bilingual German/English pathway
Bilingual German/English pathway of study includes Language and Literature – English; Language and Literature German; Arabic; and addition German will be the language of instruction for 2 of the other subject areas.
English Language

English Language pathway of study includes Language and Literature – English; Language Acquisition (French or German); Arabic; and English will be the language of instruction for all other subject areas. 

The final 2 years of the MYP, students start to specialize in selected areas of study in preparation for their Senior School (IBCP or IBDP), with additional curriculum projects that are designed to enable students to engage in extended self-directed investigation.  The Community Project in Grade 9 and Personal Project in G10 enable students to demonstrate knowledge, learning skills and reflective processes that culminate in an action or product as a result of in-depth inquiry through their chosen global context.  SISD students completing G10 may have the opportunity to sit for the IB MYP Certificate or the IB MYP Bilingual Certificate. 

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Swiss Matura

Swiss Matura (Prep) follows the Bilingual German/English pathway with the additional subject of Language Acquisition – French.  This is currently available for students in the German bilingual stream (Grades 6 -8).

Le futur lieu de travail exigera des élèves qu'ils fassent preuve d'esprit critique, de créativité, d'esprit d'équipe, de communication et d'empathie, autant de compétences qui font partie intégrante des programmes de l'IB.

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