We believe that After-School Activities (ASAs) are an integral part of a rounded and fulfilling education, and we encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities.

ASAs allow students to learn many different skills. Whether they be physical, artistic, creative, cultural or scientific, extracurricular activities encourage additional development in students of all ages. 

We aim to provide engaging activities and clubs tailored to meet the needs of each year group, all of them supporting and transmitting our core values. Students are able to choose from a wide range of extracurricular and after school activities offered daily. 

All our providers have been selected for their recognized professionalism, experience, and passion for the subject they teach

Internal ASAs

Internal After-School Activities (ASAs) are taught by SISD teachers and are free of charge (in some cases, some fees might apply for equipment).

Each student is allowed to participate in 2 Internal ASAs per week (After-school care is not included in this quota).

Early Years: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Primary: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Secondary: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

To register, please apply on schoolsbuddy

External ASAs

External After-School Activities (ASAs) are offered on SISD campus by external providers. Their fees vary for each after-school activity.

Students can participate in as many external ASAs as they wish.

External ASA registration is done directly with each provider by phone or e-mail. Registration is done on a first come, first served basis and places are reserved by external providers only once they have received payments.

To contact external providers, please refer to the ASA Parents Handbook 2023/24

Click here to meet our ASA team!

DofE Awards

Challenging young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global framework for non-formal education and learning, which challenges young people to dream big, celebrate their achievements and make a difference in their world. Through developing universal and transferable skills, increasing their fitness levels, cultivating a sense of adventure and volunteering in their community, the Award inspires young people to take control, make their own choices and build their own unique programmes, helping them to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

After-School Care

After-School Care is managed by our Early Years Leadership team and is offered to families with PreKG, KG1, and KG2 students who have siblings in Primary or Secondary School.

To register please contact 

Please click  here for the ASA Parents Handbook 2023/24. It includes:

  • All important information regarding ASAs, Child Care and Holiday Camps
  • Registration procedures for:
    • Internal ASAs
    • External ASAs
    • Child Care
    • Holiday Camps
  • Rules and Regulations
  • CHQ user guide (online registration software)
  • Contact details of all external providers
External providers and persons of contact

Please contact the following external providers directly for all information regarding external ASAs, registration and payment:

STRYX Sports

055 877 1658

058 895 9377


Headway Institute
04 362 5313
055 995 0203
Bedrock Program Career Coaching
info@hametner.co055 587 8264
Chess Knowledge
alexandrachess@yahoo.com050 502 8145
055 948 4111
Exclusive Music Education
sisdmusclub@gmail.com055 482 7542

Child Care email for all inquiries:

ASA Department e-mail for all general requests:

Stryx Sports –

Rob Duncan
Head of Sport
+971 (0)4 375 6000

SISD Healthcare Team  e-mail:

Kristine Ignacio
Senior School Nurse
Sports Building, School Clinic
+971 (0)52 609 5453
Dionalyn Olvido
School Nurse
Primary Building, Ground Floor Medical Room

SISD Security contact number: +971 55 570 4689

All ASAs are located on campus. Please see schedule for exact location.

Please respect deadlines. If you miss deadlines, ASA registration will not be guaranteed and your children will not be able to participate in ASAs.

Equipment / Attire
Every child is expected to come to every lesson with the appropriate attire and equipment. Failure to do so will result in the child not being accepted in the ASA.
This is especially true for sports ASAs for which children need to have their sports clothes and shoes. Children are allowed to wear their SISD sports uniform on days they have sports ASAs.

Attendance / Punctuality
Every child is expected to attend every lesson of the semester and to be there on time. In case of an emergency, students/parents are expected to let the ASA Department and the teachers know.

Rules and Regulations
Failure to follow the ASA rules and regulations and the teachers’ / external providers’ policies might jeopardize the right of a child to participate in after-school activities.

For any further information, please download the ASA Parents Handbook 2022/23 or contact us

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