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We believe that After-School Activities are meant to take kids beyond their limits: “accept your limits, then go beyond them.” ASAs allow students to learn many different skills, let them be physical, artistic, creative, cultural or scientific.

We aim to provide engaging activities and clubs tailored to meet the needs of each year group, all of them supporting and transmitting our core values. Students are able to choose from a wide range of activities offered daily.

All our providers have been selected for their recognized professionalism, experience, and passion for the subject they teach.

Internal After-School Activities (ASAs) are taught by SISD teachers and are free of charge (in some cases, some fees might apply for equipment)

Each student is allowed to participate in 2 Internal ASAs per week. After-school care is not included in this quota but school teams are. An Early Years student can potentially go to after-school care every day, Sunday to Thursday.

Early Years: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (teachers meet on Monday and Thursday)
Primary Years: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (teachers meet on Monday and Thursday)
Middle Years: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday (teachers meet on Monday and Tuesday)

For all important information (key dates, registration process), please click here

Early Years (PreKG, KG1, KG2)
(Subject to age group)

Arabic A (mother-tongue)
Book Club
Building Blocks / Construction
Drama / Once upon a time
Finger Gym
French Cultural Club
French Support
Games / Interest Club
German Cultural Club
Graphisme / Fine Motor Skills Club
Italian Language Course
Just Dance
Music and Movement

Primary School (G1-G5)
(Subject to age group)

Arabic A (mother-tongue) Drama Club
Arabic A (support)
Arabic A Supervised Homework
Arabic B (as a foreign language)
Arts and Crafts
Creative / Poetry Writing
English Reading Club
French Club
Games Club
Garden Club
German Club
German Booster
German Club
Italian Language Course
Journal Art & Calligraphy
Piano Keyboards
Quran Club
Sewing / Knitting
Student Council
Supervised Homework in English
Supervised Homework in French / English
Supervised Homework in German / English
TED Club – Public Speaking
Ukulele Club

Middle School (G6-G10)
(Subject to age group)

Art Club
Art of Arabic Calligraphy
English Support
French for Beginners
French Reading Club
French Support
Humanities Support
Math Support
Math / Business Support
MUN / Debate
Quran Club
Science Support

External After-School Activities (ASAs) are offered on SISD campus by external providers. Their fees vary for each after-school activity.

Students can participate in as many external ASAs as they wish.

External ASA registration is done directly with each provider by phone or e-mail at any time or during our planned ASA Expos on campus. Registration is done on a first come, first served basis and places are reserved by external providers only once they have received payments.

For all important information (key dates, registration process), please click here.

To contact external providers, please refer to the ASA Parents Handbook

Early Years (PreKG, KG1, KG2)
(Subject to age group)

Athletics – Stryx
Baby Ballet – Stryx
Baby Tennis – Stryx
BasketBall – Stryx
Chess – Chess Dubai
Chinese Cultural Club – Think First Dubai
Drama-  Stryx
FC Barcelona Football –  Stryx
Future Scientists + Mad Science – Mad Science
Hip Hop –   Stryx
Karate – Stryx – Budojuku
Learn to Swim-Beginners – Orca
Learn to Swim-Beginners 1 & 2  – Orca
Learn to Swim – Beginners 2+ – Orca
Mini-Ballet –   Stryx
Mini-Tennis –   Stryx
Musical Theatre –   Stryx
Parkour –   Stryx
Rhythmic Gymnastics –   Stryx
Roller Skating –   Stryx
Rugby –   Stryx
Russian Language Course – Head In Pro
Spanish (mother-tongue)  – Head In Pro
Wall Climbing –   Stryx
Yoga Kids –   Stryx
Zumba Kids –   Stryx

Primary School (G1-G5)
(Subject to age group)

Adventures in Coding –Junkbot Robotics
Athletics – Stryx
Ballet –  Stryx
Basketball –  Stryx
Chess – Chess Dubai
Chinese (as a foreign language) – Chinese Language Institute
Drama – Stryx
Football – Stryx / FCBEscola
French Theatre (French) – Culture emulsion
Hip Hop –Stryx
Intelligent Robotics with Coding – –Junkbot Robotics
Jud0 – Budo Juku
Junior Scientists + Mad Science – Mad Science
Karate – Budo Juku
Musical Theatre – Stryx
Parkour- Stryx
Rhythmic Gymnastics –Stryx
Roller Skating – Stryx
Rugby – Stryx – Barel House Rugby
Russian Language Course – Head In pro
Spanish (as a foreign language) – Head In pro
Spanish (mother tongue) – Head In pro
Swimming Beginners 2/ Development 1-2 – Swim Orca
Tennis – Stryx
Wall Climbing – Stryx
Yoga – Stryx

Middle School (G6-G10)
(Subject to age group)

Athletics – Stryx
Badminton – Stryx
Basketball – Stryx
Chess – Chess Dubai
Chinese (as a foreign language) – Think First Learning Center
FC Barcelona Football –  Stryx / FCBEscola
French Theatre (French) – Culture emulsion
Judo – Stryx – Budo Juku
Karate – Stryx – Budo Juku
Parkour- Stryx
Rhytmic Gymnastics (Girls) – Stryx
Roller Skating – Stryx
Rugby – Stryx – Barrel House Rugby  
Russian Language Course – Head In pro
Spanish (as a foreign language) – Head In pro
Spanish (mother tongue)- Head In pro
Swimming Beginners 2 / Development 1-2 – Swim Orca
Teen Group Coding – Challenge Network
Tennis – Stryx
Wall Climbing – Stryx
Yoga – Stryx

After-School Care

After-School Care is available from September 23rd to July 4th and requires registration for each season.
After-School Care is a free service offered from Monday to Wednesday to families with children in Pre-KG to KG2 from 14:15 to 15:40 and on Thursdays it is also offered to families with children in Grades 1-5 from 14:15 to 15:30.

Afternoon Club

From September 23rd to July 4th (except during Ramadan), Afternoon Club is offered to families with Pre-KG to KG2 students who have siblings in Primary or Secondary School participating in ASAs from 16:50-15:50.
On Thursdays, Afternoon Club is offered to students from Pre-KG to G5 who have a sibling in Secondary attending an ASA from 15:50 to 16:50.

Registration is done for the whole season on CHQ on a first come, first served basis, with priority.

Internal and External ASA Schedules & Descriptions – SEASON 2

ASA Schedules and Descriptions for SEASON 1 are available here.

To view and register online for internal ASAs, please log in to CHQ

ASA Calendars

Please click here for the ASA Parents Handbook. It includes:

  • All important information regarding ASAs, Child Care and Holiday Camps
  • Registration procedures for:
    • Internal ASAs
    • External ASAs
    • Child Care
    • Afternoon Club
    • Holiday Camps
  • Rules and Regulations
  • CHQ user guide (online registration software)
  • Contact details of all external providers

External providers and persons of contact
Please contact the following external providers directly for all information regarding external ASAs, registration and payment:

Stryx Sports Football, Tennis, Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Basketball, Parkour,
Rugby, Wall‐Climbing, Rollerskating, Drama, Athletics, Musical theatre,
Swimming, Synchro Swimming for Girls, Badminton, Karate, Judo 055 877 1658
055 887 6426
Swim Orca Swimming, Synchro Swimming for Girls lessons@swim‐ 050 798 0769
Mad Science Future Scientists+, Junior Scientists+ 056 887 2867
Culture Emulsion French Theatre 050 905 8401
Headway Institute Spanish, Italian, Russian 04 362 53 13

055 9950203

Think First Learning Center Chinese 056 562 3477
04 557 7130
Chess Knowledge Chess 050 502 8145
Junkbot Robotics Adventures in Coding, Intelligent Robotics with Coding,
Mobile App Development 052 721 9211
Exclusive Music Education Music Classes 055 482 7542
Challenge Network Teen Coaching Classes 056 2643848



ASA Department general e-mail for all general requests:

Benjamin Cassaigne
Head of ASAs
+971 (0)55 802 4295
+971 (0)4 375 6000
 Ashley Go
ASA Coordinator
+971 (0)55 569 1808
+971 (0)4 375 6000
Luciana Rodriguez
Child Care Coordinator
+971 (0)52 881 8503
+971 (0)4 375 0600
Liezette Acuna
Bus Transport Supervisor
Maverick (Bus Provider)
+971 52 911 8831

SISD Healthcare Team  e-mail:

Ana Sousa
Senior School Nurse
Sports Building, School Clinic
+971 (0)52 609 5453
Mary Grace Dejoras
School Nurse
Primary Building, Ground Floor Medical Room
Jusna Mathew
School Nurse
Primary building, First Floor Medical Room
+971 (0)52 690 7261

SISD Security contact number: +971 55 570 4689

All ASAs are located on campus. Please see schedule for exact location.

Please respect deadlines. If you miss deadlines, ASA registration will not be guaranteed and your children will not be able to participate in ASAs.

Equipment / Attire
Every child is expected to come to every lesson with the appropriate attire and equipment. Failure to do so will result in the child not being accepted in the ASA.
This is especially true for sports ASAs for which children need to have their sports clothes and shoes. Children are allowed to wear their SISD sports uniform on days they have sports ASAs.

Attendance / Punctuality
Every child is expected to attend every lesson of the semester and to be there on time. In case of an emergency, students/parents are expected to let the ASA Department and the teachers know.

Rules and Regulations
Failure to follow the ASA rules and regulations and the teachers’ / external providers’ policies might jeopardize the right of a child to participate in after-school activities.

For any further information, please download the ASA Parents Handbook  or contact our Head of After-School Activities Benjamin Cassaigne at