We aim to ensure that all our students, including future leaders, will go on to act responsibly, and Service based learning and opportunities are embedded in both our Primary and Secondary curriculum.

Our service programme develops empathy, awareness of the need for social justice, and an understanding that individual actions make a difference. We encourage our students to strive to be agents for positive social change. 

Developing compassion and responsibility, our Service programme allows students to put our values into action as they engage in rewarding experiential learning opportunities guided by our service learning curriculum. 

Service at SISD enables students to actively contribute to resolving social and environmental problems, both locally and globally. When students understand why these problems exist, they realise that everyone can play a part in taking informed, purposeful action. 

Our Service programme gives students the chance to develop as individuals who view themselves as changemakers. By having a sense of purpose and forming an emotional connection to issues, Service learning enables students to develop their sense of identity and agency.  

As students take action, they are asked to reflect on both the process and the outcome of their action. Importantly, this reflection provides them with multiple opportunities to develop their self-identity as capable global citizens, who have agency and the ability to enact meaningful positive change in the world.  

In Primary and Early years, we have student ambassadors for change including the Green Team, our Eco Warriors, our Animal Welfare Protection Group and our UAE Changemakers. As a student body, we also support the Dubai Cares charity, and our students organize activities all year to raise funds for this very important cause.  

In Secondary, our Service Learning is a core part of the IB MYP Programme, and students are involved in a number of activities and projects in developing countries.   

For IBDP students, they undertake the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, one of the three essential elements that every student must complete as part of the Diploma Programme (DP). 


Our IBDP Students organized a festive winter collection box for all our support staff. They collected donations from the SISD community and collated them into individual gift bags to give to the 170 support staff within the school community.

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