SISD aims to offer the best quality of transportation to our students. We have contracted the company Maverick Passenger Transport LLC to provide us with a safe and efficient transportation service.

We provide our students with the best transportation experience thanks to a brand new fleet of buses responding to RTA standards with qualified and experienced bus attendants and drivers. Our main goal is to provide a secure and enjoyable journey for the SISD children. Therefore, the travel time is limited to one hour maximum.

We follow a strict security policy of “No child left behind” with a sequence of three separate checks completed after each run. Attendants, drivers and supervisors have each to swipe their ID card at the end of the bus ride to attest no child remains, and this needs to be done within a certain timeframe not to trigger an alert.

The school also offers a generous parking plot with more than 100 parking spaces. Together with an advanced drop-off and pick-up system developed by our security company, we ensure an efficient, smooth and quick experience for parents and students in the mornings and afternoons.

Transport registration for academic year 2023-2024 can be done here.

For any queries/support regarding online registration, parents  can contact Maverick at itsupport@maverickrental.com .

Maverick Parent Application is available on Google Play Store and App Store

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