Admissions for 2024/2025 NOW OPEN

Please contact our Admissions team prior to application. 

Application Process:

  1. Individual school tours are available every day. Book a tour or email at
  2.  If you would like to apply, our online application form is here
  3.  If you are unable to visit the school, please enjoy the SISD campus through the virtual tour available here

General Principles

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) accepts applications from boys and girls as day students from Pre-KG to Grade 12, and as boarding students from Grade 6 onwards. SISD welcomes students who are committed to the concept of an international education, whether they are local or international. Our inclusive admissions philosophy is open to all students who can benefit from the education offered, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or language. They must be willing and capable to meet the academic demands of the school, to benefit from the education that is provided and to identify with our school philosophy. In order to meet its educational and pastoral obligations, it is vital that the individuals responsible for our students’ education are in complete agreement with the school’s educational principles and support the school in its efforts. SISD must therefore be in possession of all the necessary information relevant to the personal, academic and physical development of its students.

The Admissions Team supports new families through the admission process to make the transition in our school as smooth as possible. We are an all inclusive school, get in touch with us for more information. 

Please note: All students must be 3 years of age by the August 31 before they are able to join the school.


Application Process Overview

  1. Please be ready to upload the following documents:
    • Copy of your child’s most recent nursery or school report (for KG1 and up)
    • Copy of your child’s passport (first page and Visa) and Emirates ID (front and back), if already available
    • Copy of both parents passports (first page and Visa) and Emirates ID (front and back), if already available
    • Copy of a passport sized photograph of your child and both parents
    • Copy of any learning difficulty diagnostic testing or educational assessment (if applicable) *
    • Copy of any psychological assessments (if applicable) *
    • Copy of custody papers (if applicable)
  2. Check the Year Guide for your child’s correct grade level
  3. Complete and submit the  online application form
  4. Upload the requested documents

*Please note that we are asking for details of any learning difficulties, current Individual Education Plan (IEP), personal/social/emotional/behavioral issues or medical conditions. These will assist us in making reasonable adjustments and put appropriate arrangements in place during the assessments based on the student’s usual way of working. Please be advised, failure to disclose any information at the time of application may result subsequently in a place being withdrawn. For more information please refer to the SISD Admissions Policy.

  1. Once the fully completed application with complete documents has been received, Admissions request confidential Teacher Recommendation from student’s former school for applicants G2 and above.
  2. We will then invite the applicant for the admissions assessment, and possible interview (depending on grade). Please note these assessments take place from Monday through Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 11am. The non-refundable application fee of AED 525 (bank transfer, cash or credit card) is payable either before or at the time of assessment.

If we admit your child to SISD, you will receive an Offer Letter within 5 working days. If you decide to accept our offer, signing of the Offer Letter and payment of the Registration Fee (deductable from 1st semester fee) are due within 7 days. Your child’s place is not secured until the signed Offer Letter and the Registration Fee have been received.

To register your child with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), we will need a Transfer Certificate for Grade 2 and above before the start of the school year. Please follow the Guidelines and use the Transfer Certificate Sample.

Assessment Process​

Language Requirements​


Tuition Fees​