Activities and


Boarding Activities

The activity provision within the boarding school at SISD is exceptional. As a result, we believe our boarding students truly do have the best of both worlds. Whilst they can enjoy the great range of activities provided by the school, the boarding experience also provides students with an extensive activity package that boarders can take advantage of during the week and at the weekend.

Each evening, there is always a boarding activity provided which the students can opt to participate in. Homework and structured study time is also planned into each week day, and our team of academic tutors ensure our students receive the best possible educational support. 

Our aim is to provide students with different interests, varying activities in which to participate, and our dedicated boarding team ensure there are always options each evening, with something for everyone. Our communal lounge is also a relaxing place for students to socialise, play games relax, pplay the piano, enjoy a game of table tennis or pool or just watch TV. 

Weekend Activities

Living in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world allows us to provide an array of organised trips and activities for the students; an opportunity to participate in truly outstanding, memory-making experiences. The trips include visits to the beach, waterparks, theme parks and malls that Dubai has to offer, but also the cultural experiences that exist within the city and the UAE. Students have enjoyed desert evenings, culinary courses, hiking in the UAE mountains, and boat rides on the oldest abra boats from the Dubai Old Town.