Wellbeing at SISD

We are dedicated to providing our community with mental health awareness, wellbeing education and ongoing support for al students; our students are able to access experienced school counsellors who are experts in their grade levels, mentors, medical professionals, and our teachers, who all provide pastoral support for our students across all phases.

Students have an opportunity to shape their community through an extensive student leadership program.

The school engages and empowers students to lead wellbeing change in the SISD community through our Student Wellbeing Councils, with student leaders implementing wellness programs such as Mindful October and Wellness Wednesdays and lead campaigns such as Road Safety and Animal Welfare to initiate change.

Students complete weekly wellbeing surveys , and the data allows staff to get a regular check-in and an overview of how students are feeling.  In addition, our student leaders are part of our Wellbeing Council, and their role is to plan wellbeing activities and events across the school.

The school prioritizes whole school wellbeing events, both physical and creative, and delivers a range of learning opportunities both in class and through a wider school network. Our annual Dubai 30×30 initiative always engenders a fantastic team spirit, a community sports focus and very active school campus!

Staff Wellbeing is fundamental to the success of SISD. 

Our Staff Wellbeing Committee ensure the physical, social and emotional health of our staff is being prioritized. Our staff enjoy a range of activities, including sunrise yoga, Zumba classes, running clubs, book clubs, and staff social events. The school also provides dedicated meditation areas and wellbeing leave. Regular staff voice allow us to check in with our staff and ensure that they have the support available to flourish in their working environment.  A visible culture of wellbeing permeates the school community, and we have  a staff member appointed as a Wellbeing Co-ordinator for the community.

Our Latest Wellbeing Stories

  • Peace Pod

    As part of our continued focus on staff wellbeing, today we officially opened our staff 'Peace Pod!' The Peace Pod is a specifically designed room created solely for teachers to visit, disconnect, and recharge for a few minutes during the day. Natural light, soundproof walls, meditation tracks, mindfulness colouring, scented room diffusers and leather reclining armchairs all await our teachers, and absolutely no devices allowed!


    Taking time out to unwind during the day has been shown to improve physical health; research suggests that it can also sharpen your concentration, perceptions, mood, memory, and creativity.

  • G3 SAT with KG2

    As part of their latest Unit of inquiry, Grade 3 students have been learning about the different types of health, how these are connected to one another and how we are not just responsible for our own health, but the health of those around us too.


    Over the course of last week, Grade 3 students prepared the completion of their Summative Assessment Task, a presentation to KG2 students about the benefits of each type of health, as well as examples of activities which they can complete to promote these types of health in their everyday lives.


    Certainly an example of peer-led learning at it’s finest, demonstrating our BEST ethos to maximum effect, and a relationship which we will endeavour to continue throughout the academic year. Well done, Grade 3!

  • World Mental Health Day

    Today at SISD, we are celebrating World Mental Health Day, and our staff and students have come together to share their tips on what they do to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

  • Grade 2 Wellbeing Exhibition

    Mindful October: our Grade 2 parents enjoyed a very interactive wellbeing session, hosted and led by our Grade 2 students. The parents heard about the importance of self-care, and enjoyed a host of wellbeing activities including mindful colouring, relaxation massage, meditation, yoga and had the opportunity to sit in the calming cafe and experience a luxury facial! Well done, Grade 2.

  • Dubai Eye

    Our Head of Secondary Physical and Health Education, Ciaran McBreen, had the pleasure of talking to Helen Farmer today on @dubaieye1038fm about masks becoming optional in schools from tomorrow. Ciaran talked about the importance of recognizing the possible mental health impact on teenagers, and the anxiety that it may cause for some students.

  • Wellbeing Team

    Meet our team of wellbeing, mental health and counselling experts! This year, we are delighted to have a team of 4 very experienced and qualified experts supporting both our day and boarding students. Mark Swaine, our Grade 6 Co-ordinator, is also responsible for staff and student wellbeing across the school. Saskia Theres is our Secondary and boarding counsellor, Chaishta George is our Primary counsellor and Safeguarding Lead, and Ciaran McBreen supports with specialist mental health and wellbeing sessions for our students, as well as being a PE coach!

  • Beath the Cyberbully

    As part of our ongoing commitment to mental health and well-being, SISD offers daily practices that our community can participate in, keeping our commitment to mental health and wellbeing at the centre of our priorities.

    Effective learning is based on student well-being. As a result, parents and staff have been able to attend a number of recent pastoral workshops:

    • Dr Sarah Bougary who talked about Balanced Parenting and Wellbeing.
    • Experts from Monarch Health Centre to talk about parenting styles with teenagers.
    • Current parent, Mrs Hanan Ezzeldin, who talked about invisible signs that your child needs support.

    📢 Save the date! We will be welcoming Barry Cummings, one of the founders of "Beat the Cyberbully" initiative which provides education, awareness and training on online and mobile topics and promotes safe, responsible, and inspiring online communication.

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