Swiss Canton of Patronage

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) is under the patronage of the bilingual French/German-speaking Swiss Canton of Valais. Recognised for its high academic performance as per the PISA report (Programme for International Student Assessment), the Canton supports SISD in an advisory capacity on academic matters.

The partnership with SISD is designed to collaborate in terms of knowledge transfer, as well as to reinforce quality assurance, achieved through monitoring the quality of teaching, learning and reviewing assessments and examinations. Educational experts from the Canton of Valais provide additional professional development opportunities for our teachers. Further benefits include active cultural exchanges between our school and the Canton through winter and summer camps.

The Canton of Valais, one of 26 in Switzerland, is situated in the southwestern part of the country. It is widely known for being home to the Matterhorn Mountain and for its resort towns, such as Crans-Montana, Verbier, Saas-Fee and Zermatt.

“Wie ist es in Dubai zur Schule zu gehen?” (What is it like going to school in Dubai?)
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