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Ashley Fitzgibbons
Head of Boarding

Welcome to Boarding at SISD!

A great school is one where the staff know the students, where the students feel valued, cared for, able to express themselves, and supported in their goals. Our boarding academic and pastoral team takes time to really know students, to make time for them, to value them as individuals, to care about their happiness. Our aim is to develop the thoughtful, caring side of their characters as well as their intellect and ambition, and to provide the students with valuable life skills. 

Bienvenue. Willkommen. مرحباً

Take a look at our boarding school

Our international boarding school in Dubai with students from around the world is a warm and vibrant international community, with specialised staff that care about each student. Our stunning campus is set close to the downtown and vibrant area of Dubai, near to the beaches, the deserts and all the attractions that Dubai has to offer. We are also situated only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, once of the busiest and easily accessible travel hubs in the world, and the campus look out onto the Dubai Creek, one of the natural habitat areas of Dubai.

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai offers the quality for which Swiss education is known, with an International Baccalaureate Programme that prepares students for universities all over the world, and bilingual instruction in English and French or German. It also features state of the art educational facilities that rival those of boarding schools in Switzerland itself; SISD offers a compelling case for parents who want nothing but the best international education for their children.

However, it’s not just the core education that makes Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai a strong choice, but the various opportunities for cultural immersion and extracurricular activities as well. Our staff and students are from all over the world, creating a truly unique multicultural environment that fosters development on a variety of levels. SISD also provides a unique campus experience, with playing fields, sports halls, gyms, and even an Olympic-sized swimming pool for students to use both during school and afterwards, even on weekends. SISD isn’t just a place to study – it’s a place for students to call home, too.

We are very proud of our approach to pastoral care and academic support in the boarding houses. Our dedicated boarding team live on site, and are available to support our students with their studies and ensure they are happy, confident learners. We work closely with parents to ensure a pleasant, enjoyable and safe home-from-home for all our students.

A new approach to Boarding

Boarding for me has been my home away from home, I really mean that. The sense of family that’s created here is priceless and I’m thankful for it.


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Meet Our
Boarding Team

Ashley Fitzgibbons


Matthew Henman

Deputy Head of Boarding

Nikki Geron

Boarding Secretary

Judith Elliott


Shalat Johnson

Boarding Nurse

Saskia Theres

Student Support and Wellbeing Counsellor

Priya Mitchell

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Kate Delaney

G6 & 7 Academic Tutor /
Mathematics and PHE Tutor

Marvin Mc Leggan

G8 & 9 Academic Tutor /
Integrated Sciences and Biology Tutor

Paul O’ Neill

G10 Academic Tutor /
Mathematics and PHE Tutor

Stephanie Wehner

G11 & 12 Academic Tutor / Language and Literature (English and German) Tutor

Rebecca Henman

G6 – 9 Houseparent

Brandon Shuler

G10 – 12 Houseparent

Veronique Mouandjo

Boarding Assistant

Daniel Thuillier

Junior Boarding Assistant

Hannah Scrivener

Junior Boarding Assistant

Our boarders are from all over the world

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