Health and Nutrition


Your child’s health is important to us. SISD has two fully equipped medical rooms (one for the Early Years, one for the Primary Years), staffed from 8am to 5pm by a DHCC licensed school nurse. She will be responsible for First Aid as well as health prevention and promotion. Our students will undergo a comprehensive medical examination, including dental check-ups, and participate in health education activities and health awareness campaigns at the school.

A General Practitioner/Pediatrician from Mediclinic City Hospital will visit the school every week to assist, help and advise our school nurse, and meet with parents to discuss any medical issues. Learn more about the SISD school doctor’s profile here.

SISD is proud to have Mediclinic City Hospital as their health partner. Mediclinic City Hospital is owned and operated by Mediclinic International, one of the top 10 listed private healthcare groups in the world with 52 private hospitals in Southern Africa, 16 in Switzerland under the name Hirslanden and 2 hospitals and 10 clinics in the UAE. For more details please visit or download the hospital's profile here.



SISD is committed to ensuring our students a balanced and healthy diet to make the most of their time at school, and exceed their nutritional needs. Not only does this help them avoid health problems such as obesity and diabetes, it gives them a strong basis for emotional balance and directly enhances their performance in and out of the classroom.
At SISD, we do all we can to support healthy eating habits in school and pride ourselves on working with parents and students to create the best possible conditions for learning and development.
SISD has carefully selected Swiss Canonica as the catering company that offers our students nutritious lunch meals. Students are served a full set meal with a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and every meal is created based on healthy and nutritive standards to support students in their physical development. Our menus are being developed and changed on a monthly basis. A committed committee including representatives of the school, the parents and Swiss Canonica meet regularly to discuss and implement changes and improvements.
Our Early Years students receive their trays with the food, in the classrooms and are guided and helped by their teachers. From Grade 1 onwards, the students go to the canteen for snacks during their morning and afternoon breaks, as well as for a warm meal at lunchtime and choose from the varied selection of food on offer.
For more information please visit the parent portal.