10 Benefits Of Studying The Middle Years Programme

When choosing a school for your child, there is more to consider than the location. It projects further to the benefits your child will have in regard to personal development, university destination and the specific teaching approach. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a fantastic option to consider that puts these aspects of your child’s education into play.

At SISD we offer students in secondary school the MYP, to encourage a balanced learning curriculum that focuses on student skill, knowledge and communication, setting them up for success in their future education. To showcase just how great of an option the MYP is, we have put together the top 10 benefits of studying the Middle Years Programme.

Students are part of a wider programme

The International Baccalaureate doesn’t stop at the MYP. Secondary school is a key part of a student’s educational journey. They are honing down on the fundamentals taught in the Primary Years Programme and preparing for further education at post-16 and university age. It’s key that students use this time to expand their current knowledge and develop further life skills. This curriculum teaches students comprehensively and provides the knowledge they need to enter the next stages of the IB programmes, whether that is the Career-Related Programme or the Diploma Programme.

The MYP has a multifaceted subject range

We already encourage and nurture the aspect of being bilingual at SISD by having a student body of over 100 nationalities. Studying the MYP at SISD further supports this by offering 4 learning pathways: French and English, German and English, English and, the Swiss Matura. All of these learning pathways include Arabic. As well as the bilingual aspect, the MYP also offers an extensive range of subjects that work in conjunction, so if a student struggles in certain areas, skills and knowledge learned in another subject will help them in the areas they may find particularly challenging.

Students learn important ethical and life skills

Studying the MYP teaches students invaluable life lessons. The IB model has ethics at the core of their values, allowing students to become more aware of their personal development. The MYP nurtures the culture of contributing good into the world and others around them, allowing them to grow empathy and cultural awareness.

Developing confidence

Confidence is naturally developed over time, the Middle Years Programme builds on this further. Encouraging students to communicate and become more independent throughout secondary school. Our highly qualified MYP teachers provide our students with the encouragement they need to continue to develop a strong level of confidence allowing them to thrive within their education.

The opportunity for development outside of academia

The IB MYP at SISD doesn’t stop at academic level subjects. With a huge variety of after-school activities, our students have the opportunity to shine in all aspects of life. We offer an Olympic-sized swimming pool where students can partake in the Speedo Swim Academy. We also have an AIS athletics programme for those who want to be out on the field. Not to mention our drama studios and dance clubs. This helps to increase the creative mindset of our students outside of the classroom, developing their interpersonal skills and getting them ready to excel in their future careers.

Designed to prepare students for senior school

Advancing into higher-level education may not be easy for everyone, which is why the MYP is the best option, as it takes students from the primary years and sees them through to post-16 education. It is designed to flow from each level smoothly without giving students a huge leap from one stage to the next. This allows students to transition through each stage of school with ease and minimum levels of stress. It’s formatted to prepare students for future academic challenges they may face in the Diploma Programme, even setting them up for their future career path.

Students receive the support they need

Not all students learn at the same level and in the same way. Which is why we provide the unique support they may need throughout their MYP education. Our boarding students have dedicated homework and tuition periods where they can seek support for anything they may be struggling with. We also offer teaching support for those who may face difficulties in learning.  Students in the MYP are treated as individuals rather than one body, allowing individual development at each student’s pace. This allows the students to grow their own passions and develop their confidence further, knowing that they have that support if they need it.

Academic excellence

Described as the “gold standard of education” the IB MYP is one of the best – if not the best – levels of education available at the secondary school level. It practices excellent academic skills, studying habits and critical-level thinking skills. The independence this encourages pushes for high levels of innovation and learning allowing students to thrive in academic situations.

Prepares students for university

Beyond the walls of secondary education, the International Baccalaureate is internationally recognised. Students with this curriculum under their belt will have the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world. The IB is regarded highly in the educational world, proving students with the IB are strong. Critical thinkers with a fantastic focus for personal growth, which sets them up in good stead with their chosen university.

The development of real-world life skills

Aside from the fantastic levels of academic skills learned in the MYP, students also learn invaluable life skills that can be put into play in the real world. From communicating to people from all across the world to remaining organised throughout tasks, and even performing well under pressure. This curriculum will set students up to apply their in-depth knowledge to an international scale, making students of the MYP incredibly aware of the world around them.

At SISD we offer the IB throughout all levels of education. Our MYP students have gone on to study at the most renowned universities across the world and have developed into well-rounded highly academically successful individuals. If you wish to speak to us about our Middle Years Programme please contact us at info@sisd.ae or apply now.

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