5 Reasons Why Boarding in Dubai is the ‘New Boarding’

Dubai has fast been growing on the map as a tourist destination and business hub. It has also soared in popularity for international families choosing boarding schools. Boarding at school has been a long-standing trend for parents who send their children to top boarding schools across the world. To benefit from both a good education and the associated benefits of self-growth and cultural immersion that comes with boarding.

Many factors make Dubai a fantastic choice for boarding including world-class education, accommodation, safety, and things to do in such a diverse city.


1. Safety

Dubai has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, for both violent and non-violent crimes. It’s also ranked as one of the best cities in the world for personal safety. It can be nerve-racking to send your child to a boarding school outside your home country. But you can rest assured that Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. In a 2020 survey from Numbeo, Dubai ranked number 6 for safety. And is regularly praised for its low crime rates, especially for young people.



Dubai is a hugely multicultural city with over 85% of its residents as expats. This makes the city incredibly welcoming for people of all backgrounds and cultures. The city is well equipped for nationalities across the world and the schools follow suit. From languages and food to religion, Dubai is extremely welcoming of all. At SISD, we’re proud of our diverse student body comprising over 90 different nationalities. Our boarding students can make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world. A network that can become invaluable in later life!


3. Things to do

One thing Dubai is not short of is entertainment for all ages. Our boarding students of all ages have a range of activities to choose from on their weekends or evenings. There is no shortage of entertainment in Dubai. From indoor ski slopes and IMG worlds of adventure theme park through to cinemas and amazing food chains. The hot year-round weather also makes it an excellent choice for outdoor sports and activities! At SISD we also offer a range of after school and evening activities where our students can socially mix and make new friends.


4. Quality accommodation

Dubai has become synonymous with luxury and boarding schools also offer a world-class experience. SISD are proud to offer state-of-the-art boarding houses with a world-class campus. The unique campus experience at SISD provides play fields, gyms, sports halls and even an Olympic-sized swimming pool. All of which can be used both during and after school hours. Alongside the accommodation and facilities, every boarding house at SISD is allocated its team. Their responsibility is to care for the welfare and practical needs of all students.


5. World-Class Education

Dubai is also well-known for its quality of education. Students from across the world come to Dubai to benefit from the teaching standards and curriculums offered. The teaching staff at SISD is comprised of highly qualified professionals focused on delivering the best quality of education.  The IB curriculum has been growing as the global gold standard in a world. A world where borders are increasingly being expanded for young people as they enter the workplace.


If the above hasn’t convinced you that boarding in Dubai is an excellent choice for your child then why not get in touch with our admissions team for a free tour? Our boarding houses cater for students from ages 11 to 18 and offer an exceptionally welcome and friendly atmosphere. Our four underpinning values at SISD are Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability and Together as we believe in being the BEST school for students.

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