Advantages of attending International Boarding Schools

Recent research on ‘how international schools might change as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak’ indicates that the current climate could encourage parents of children in boarding schools abroad, to bring their child’s studies closer to home.

In this article, Sam Fraser who focuses much of his research time on the international schools throughout South East Asia says: “In many respects, it is too early to tell where the international schools market will be in six months’ time” but Sam offered some important points to consider:

  • Some international schools envisage an enrolment drop for at least the first 12 months, mostly from expatriate children unable to return.
  • Parents will always want the highest level of education attainable and therefore, those who can, will still source premium opportunities.
  • Relationships between many international schools have developed very well during the pandemic as they have been sharing good practice, challenges, solutions and findings widely. As a result, international schools may well be more open to sharing and collaborating with other schools after coronavirus. This may create many new opportunities for suppliers and providers.
  • Parents will likely pay closer attention to a school’s risk assessments and strategies, and will want to understand how well schools have coped including what distance learning provision was offered and what platforms were used. This will also be an important factor for school marketing and admissions over the next few years.
  • School trips overseas are likely to take a hit for several reasons and so schools are going to have to be creative with their approach to outdoor and experiential learning which could open up some new opportunities for creative suppliers, such as those able to offer virtual reality solutions.”

International schools now allow children to receive the same standard of education they can get from boarding schools around the world, and parents may not have to look too far to also continue to benefit from the advantages of what a structured boarding environment has to offer.

The standards of education and care at boarding schools has risen greatly over the last few decades. Given the right boarding school, your child could receive the best of care that would make school feel like a second home. And of course, they’ll get all the advantages and benefits that come with attending a boarding school as well.

Pastoral care

Modern pastoral care involves creating a supportive and caring environment for students, where they can be happier, freer and more able to express themselves.

Boarding staff and teachers act as surrogate parents, with students free to approach them whenever they need help. The staff proactively respond to student needs, whether it be counseling or academic support.

One advantage of such a setup is that parents can often directly call a teacher or a member of the boarding staff to ask about their child, and be immediately reassured by the response from someone who knows their child very well, and who has tended to their specific needs.

Meanwhile, with care comes unique life instruction that may or may not be possible at home, with parents often out for work. Students are educated in a truly holistic fashion, not just in their curriculum, but in life lessons and mentoring as well.

Boarding school advantages

Boarding schools themselves carry several advantages for students. The students will be exposed to a diverse, multicultural melting pot of staff and schoolmates from all over the region, and even the world. They become more independent as they live away from home, and learn organisational and time management skills, that will inevitably become valuable later in life when they move on to university.

Aside from these behavioral benefits, boarding schools also allow students to create that wide network of friends, forming connections with people all over the world, leading to an international network that will also no doubt come in useful later in life.

For example, at the Swiss International School in Dubai, we offer a high-quality International Baccalaureate education for your child, matching the kind of schooling they’d receive if they had opted for boarding school in the UK or Switzerland. UAE expat residents may well benefit from their children studying at a school closer to home, maintaining the opportunities and structure they had abroad.

Choose a boarding school for your child

It all comes down to picking the right boarding school that will suit your child’s needs. And at SISD, we may just be the perfect choice for your child.

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme will prepare your child for admission to universities all over the world. We also offer a wide variety of sports and activities that will ensure your child receives a well-rounded education.

At SISD, we pride ourselves on the quality of experiences the students in our boarding school have. And of course, the standards of pastoral care are present in all aspects of school life, where children are cared for by our teachers and staff, making it a genuine home away from home.

We asked our students what they enjoy most about living at our school? – check out this video and see what they have to say!


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