Artists Make a Difference

Artists  Make a difference

An Art Exhibition by Grade 10 students.


“LETTING GO” by Tamara Daher
For the past few months, working on this project, I wanted to convey the message of self-love and letting go of insecurities. These three paintings and the photograph represent the three steps of loving yourself and accepting who you are no matter what. Inspiration: These paintings were inspired by many artists, especially by Tammam Azzam, a Syrian artist who also uses balloons to show freedom in his art. Through my work I hope people  will be inspired to let go of all their insecurities and hopefully their perception of life will change for the better.

“TOLERANCE”by Kayla Daher

My artwork is based upon the themes of Tolerance and Racism. Artists can draw attention to important issues through their work. In the UAE, 2019 is the year of Tolerance which inspired me to create these portraits.




LET GO” by Setareh Ghavame

This painting is a skill-based painting, with a simple meaning behind it. The painting aims to relax the viewer with the calming picture and soft colors. The woman is seen in the water with petals around her, and her expression shows that she is relaxed and does not worry about anything. It has been titled “Let Go” . Let go of your worries, and problems for a short period of time and relax instead.
Inspiration: This piece has been influenced by the music I listened to while working on it, artists such as DEAN, Khalid, BTS ( and their song Let Go), Tom Odell, Daniel Caesar and Joji.




ECO-ARCHITECTS MONOPRINTS” by Yoann Christian Lambert

My ideas are drawn from the different activities we have carried out since the beginning of this school year, such as working on different artists who have tried to make a difference and change the world such as Van Gogh and JR.
These artists both have different ways of conveying their messages. I experimented with different ideas and media to explore what kind of art I wanted to do.  I had to choose a theme. For me, this theme has something that relates to what I love and want to do in the future.  First I created a  mental map and I managed to bring together the things I wanted: architecture, environment, social inequalities. This allowed me to come with the final theme : Eco-architecture which  is in fact a combination of design and implementation that reflects the environment and technology. Inspiration : I photographed SISD’s campus because our school is highly sustainable. I created several drawings inspired by these buildings.



“EMOTIONS” by Julie Cramwinckel

This is a mixed media painting using charcoal and acrylic paint applied with a palette knife.
Inspiration: William Kentrudge and Leonid Afremov.
The idea of an empty room with a woman in it and a sunset in the background while the room is flooding with water. The sunset represents emotions being expressed by different colours. The room gives a sense of loneliness while the water is flooding it, causing a sense of urgency.The texture of the paint creates a sense of depth in the painting.



WINDOW TO WAR” by Salah El-Danaf

I started my artwork with a collage of  pictures of destroyed buildings in Bosnia, Kosovo and Palestine. I got the inspiration to do this after visiting these places over the summer and seeing destruction from the war with my own eyes. After much work on this, it turned into a painting which is a viewpoint through a window, looking out to destruction. A key feature of my painting is the levels. The levels in this painting are meant to give depth, and make it seem a lot more real than they actually are. Inspiration:  Safet Zec, Tarek Al-Ghossein, Sislek Xhafa and Tamman Azzam. I researched artists coming from these countries. The painting changed very much as it went along. First I added the textures, then I made it bolder, after that I added lines and 3D dots to play with texture.



“CHANGE” by Skay Fasano

A plastic collage to raise awareness on the threat of plastic in our world.I was inspired by two artists : Monira Al Qadiri and JR.
Both of these artists raise awareness about a worldwide problem. They inspired me to show a powerful message through art.



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