Beyond Borders and Boundaries Students reaching for the stars

Students of Swiss International Scientific School Dubai participated in the “Customized Outer Space Adventure” programme during the week of February 17th, 2019 and enjoyed the flexibility of customizing their own program. The students organized this Space Camp trip as a part of their “Beyond Borders and Boundaries” (BBB) week. The campers were able to improve their problem solving, time management and leadership skills while working together to establish a true teamwork spirit.

Throughout the program, the students had a chance to experience the thrill of riding our astronaut training simulators and participated in a realistic discovery space shuttle mission simulation which includes the orbiter,space station module and the mission control room.

One of the highlights of the program for the young space adventurers was our new Mars Exhibit Area. Campers were informed about living and working on Marsthrough interactive modules. They also discussed what walking on Mars would be like with their team counselors while determining the differences between a low gravityand a zero gravity environment.

Space Camp Turkey, also known as a science and technology camp for teens, graduated the future leaders of tomorrow with a traditional Space Camp ceremony. We wish our graduates a fantastic future and hope that their experience at Space Camp influenced them in pursuing a career in a STEM related field.

Space Camp Turkey’s customized programs continue to be an ideal choice for the “Week Without Walls” program because it involves the students in an authentic, outside-the-classroom experience. Space Camp Turkey aims to provide a unique learning opportunity otherwise not possible in the daily classroom. It is an opportunity for students to build friendships, develop essential skills, travel to locations outside the school, experience unfamiliar cultures, and participate in activity-based programs.

Our teachers were pleasantly satisfied with the outcome of the customized program and were kind enough to share the below testimonial with us.

“Space Camp Turkey has exceeded our expectations. The facilities and staff are phenomenal. The staff were accommodating, caring and great role models for our students. The activities inspired our students and challenged them. They learnt to become more collaborative and critical thinkers. We were made to feel at home and it has been a privilege to be here. We cannot wait to come back.”
LUBNA ABDUL-HADI JIAD & NORA NORRIS | Teachers | Swiss International Scientific School Dubai



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