Embracing Diversity in our Boarding School

Fostering an understanding of various cultures from an early age, whether through boarding or daily school experiences, plays a pivotal role in enhancing global awareness and cultural consciousness among young individuals. Multicultural education establishes a secure, inclusive, and successful learning environment for everyone.

Diversity Celebration

At Swiss International Scientific School Dubai, we take pride in acknowledging and celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our students, recognizing the significant enrichment it brings to our boarding community. Boarders demonstrate a profound understanding and awareness of the diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious tapestry within their community. Every pupil is esteemed and respected, and mutual appreciation among them prevails.

Appreciating Cultures

Our celebration of cultural events and traditions spans the globe, encompassing occasions such as Epiphany and the French Galette des Rois tradition, Chinese New Year, UAE National Day, or Diwali. This fosters cultural awareness and curiosity among our boarders, who hail from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond. They not only celebrate Emirati culture but also explore museums, art galleries, the desert, and indulge in quintessentially Emirati experiences.

Uniting Through Food

Food serves as a delightful medium for sharing cultural heritage and traditions among individuals from diverse backgrounds. SISD’s Catering Team ensures the commemoration of special events, from Christmas to Chinese New Year. However, the cultural exchange doesn’t stop there – boarders are encouraged to share their favorite recipes and cook together, fostering a sense of unity. Whether it’s Korean, Indian, French, or Chinese cuisine, sharing meals brings people together.

English as a Common Language

The cultural diversity within the boarding house encourages pupils to adopt English as the common language. For those whose first language is not English, this environment leads to a significant improvement in their language skills during their tenure at SISD.

A Holistic Educational Experience

Multicultural education equips pupils to excel in a diverse world. At its core, it nurtures advanced critical thinking skills, prompting individuals to step back and evaluate various perspectives and arguments. This approach builds empathy, sparks curiosity, and provides pupils with a more comprehensive understanding of reality, ensuring a well-rounded education.

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