Everything You Need To Know About Our Swim Academy

SISD is now offering a swim academy in conjunction with Speedo UAE. Swimming can be a very positive sport for your child’s health, as well as a fun after-school activity to keep your child fit! If you know a keen swimmer or someone looking to learn here’s everything you need to know about our Speedo Swim Academy.

Speedo Swim

Speedo has the largest swimming squad in the UAE. They are an accredited provider of “Amateur Swimming Association of Great Britain Teacher Training courses in the UAE”.Having been established since 1998, they focus on the quality of teaching and coaching.

Speedo abides by the UK Child Protection policy and teaches all the way up to competition-level training. They now have an extensive squad of coaches teaching at SISD.

Swim Academy

Students will be trained by Speedo coaches that are dedicated to getting the maximum potential from each student. Additionally, they will work to maintain their focus on their academics. Taking place in our Olympic-sized swimming pool, students can participate in 5 swim academy sessions a week either before or after school. If a student already has Speedo lessons, these swim academy sessions will be in addition to them.

With some of the top sporting facilities in the world, our swim academy is one of the best in the UAE. Swimming classes are available to boarding or SISD day students. Indeed, there is an onsite kitchen for swimmers to use. This means that if they wish to join the boarding students for breakfast after their swimming classes, they can!

The benefits of swimming

Swimming is an incredibly fun sport for all ages, but for children, it is especially important to learn how to swim. Unfortunately, drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. That is why it’s always beneficial having lessons to help to build and improve their swimming skills.

Not only is it super fun, and beneficial for safety, but swimming is incredibly healthy too. It helps to improve your child’s heart and lung health and helps to improve flexibility, strength, stamina and even balance and posture.

Swimming is a sport that is available to all ages and is accessible to students with additional needs.

Beyond swimming

Our swim academy doesn’t only teach your children how to swim. It also gives your child another opportunity to meet students and make more friends. They have the opportunity to join the boarding students for breakfast after their classes. So they can have downtime to chat about their class, and bond with the other students.

Learning how to swim also sets your child up for future activities. Indeed, there are certain activities that you can only take part in if you know how to swim, for example:

  • Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Yachting
  • Scuba diving

All of these examples may be possibilities in your child’s future, either as hobbies or part of their future career so it’s always beneficial to have access to the base skills needed for them, to allow your child access to their full potential. Swimming is like riding a bike, once you learn you never really forget!

SISD has an extensive array of world-class sporting facilities and offers a wide range of sports opportunities for your child. You can view our sports fixtures and teams online, or If you wish to learn more about our swim academy, please contact us on info@sisd.ae.

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