How to support your child moving to boarding school

Sending your child to a boarding school is a significant milestone in both their life journey and your own as a parent. It marks the beginning of a unique educational experience that fosters your child’s independence. At Swiss International School, we recognise the importance of a seamless transition into the world of boarding school.  

Understanding the Experience  

Boarding school offers a distinctive educational setting where students live on campus, immersing themselves in a supportive community that prioritises academic excellence. To ensure your child thrives in this unique experience, it is crucial to gain a deep understanding of the experience.  

Embracing the Philosophy 

Boarding school is not merely about academics; it’s about embracing a holistic approach to education. By entering this experience, you are entering a new way of living. By living on campus your child will be creating new relationships, independence, and you’re allowing your child to engage fully in all aspects of their education. If your choice for your child is moving to Dubai for school, boarding in Dubai has many benefits which you can find here.  

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, commonly referred to as DofE, is a prestigious programme offered here at SISD and many other schools globally. Designed to empower young individuals through personal development activities, the DofE programme provides numerous benefits.  

Boarding School and DofE 

Here at SISD, we recognise the importance between schools and DofE. Encouraging your child to participate in the DofE programme can be a transformative experience – especially if they’re moving to Dubai. It empowers them to embark on exciting journeys of self-discovery, build resilience, and acquire valuable life skills while earning prestigious awards that can unlock future opportunities. When supporting your child’s transition to boarding school and moving to Dubai, stress the importance of embracing the DofE programme – it’s also a great way to create new friendships. 

Outdoor Activities – Building Character and Resilience 

In addition to academic pursuits, boarding schools typically offer a rich array of outdoor activities that complement the curriculum. These activities go beyond traditional classroom learning, playing a pivotal role in shaping your child’s character and resilience.  

Outdoor activities including hiking, trips away, and team-building exercises, are integral components of the experience. Encouraging your child to fully engage in these adventures is not only a break from routine but also an opportunity to develop valuable skills that will help them throughout life. Outdoor activities offer a wide range of benefits that can contribute to your child’s health and skillset including their physical fitness, mental health, leadership skills, time management, and appreciation for nature. Students can get involved in these through our after-school activities and trips that we offer here at SISD. 

Classes: The Foundation of Academic Excellence 

Academic excellence forms the foundation of the boarding school experience. In addition to promoting personal development and outdoor adventures, schools offer rigorous and well-rounded educational programmes that prepare students for a successful future.  

Highlight the significance of attending classes to your child diligently. Boarding schools, like us here at SISD, provide an ideal learning environment where students can excel academically, receive personalised attention, and access world-class facilities. Emphasise the unique advantage to your child that boarding school classes offer in terms of academic preparation and future opportunities. If you would like to find out more about the curriculum your child will be studying you can find out more about the IB here. 

Independence and Resilience 

One of the key benefits of boarding school is the opportunity it provides for students to develop independence and resilience. Moving to Dubai encourages self-resilience and adaptability, essential life skills that will serve your child well in later life.  

Preparing for Independence 

Before your child embarks on their boarding school journey, involve them in decision-making and planning so they’re aware of what will be happening on their next adventure. Encourage them to pack their own belongings, select their courses, and set personal goals for their time at school that you can check up on to encourage communication whilst they’re away. Maintaining regular communication with your child is essential. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch through emails, phone calls, and video calls. Reassure your child that you’re always there for them whilst they’re away.  

Wherever possible, schedule visits to the school or surrounding area. For example, if your child is moving to Dubai, you can spend a weekend with them exploring the beautiful city of Dubai. Attending performances, parent-teacher meetings, or sports events are also important as it allows you to connect with your child and the school community – offering your support in person can make a significant difference in their experience.  

Finding Your Child’s Passions 

Help your child identify their interests and passions before they leave for school. Although these may change whilst they are away, it is always good to leave with an idea. Whether it’s joining the drama club, participating in the debate team, or trying out for a sports team, these activities can enhance their overall boarding school experience.  

Time Management Skills 

Balancing academics, extracurriculars and personal time can be challenging, especially for children. Teach your child effective time management skills to ensure they excel in all aspects of their life at school without the risk of them missing classes or important meetings.  

Sending your child to boarding school is a transformative experience that can positively shape their future, especially if you make the choice for them to move to Dubai. By embracing the concept of boarding school, encouraging participation in the DofE programme, engaging in outdoor activities, and prioritising academic excellence, you can help your child thrive in an exciting educational journey. SISD is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that ensures your child’s success in their school adventure. With your unwavering support and commitment, your child will flourish in the vibrant world of boarding school. 

If you would like more information about our school or would like to enrol your child here at SISD then please do so by contacting us today.  

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