Inspiring Excellence : Levin’s passion for swimming

Levin’s passion for sports started at a very early age. He was always very active and started swimming when he was just a baby. By the age of five he was playing tennis 3 times a week and won his first ski gold medal. During summer vacation, while other children were playing on the beach, his dream was to sail out in the deep waters. Levin was able to sail an optimist (sailing boat) at the young age of six. He spent hours in the sea to practice with the goal to get all his certifications until he finally got the chance to sail with a Turkish race team.

In 2015, Levin and his family moved from Istanbul to Dubai, they chose Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai not only for its academic excellence but also for its amazing Sports Facilities and Physical & Health Education Programme. Levin is a spatial visual learner thus the IB curriculum at SISD is the perfect fit for him.  During his first year in Dubai, Levin was only swimming once a week with a private teacher in his community pool. In 2016 he joined the SISD Swim Squad and started a proper swimming Programme.  His level improved very quickly. In October 2017 he took part to his first Swim Gala in Abu Dhabi, a year later, in Spring 2018, he earned his first gold medal.  Since then, many more followed.

In 2019, Levin is 9 years old and his accomplishments are adding up: He holds a green-black belt in Tae-kwon-do, plays tennis and swims 4 times a week with Speedo Swim Squads. It can seem challenging to manage swimming, Tae-Kwon-do and tennis trainings all in one week, but Levin is a committed boy, he never skips a training and simply enjoys being active. He always sets his own goals and is very persistent in achieving them.


Levin goes to bed early, rest is very important to him. He eats a healthy diet and sometimes he has to miss out on things because he is training or competing.


Levin is a multi-cultural child. His father is of Turkish/ Czech origins and his mother is Swiss.  Sport is an important part of Levin’s family history and something natural for the tall and strong boy.

Levin’s mother considers that her child’s choice to do sports and be competitive is a precious gift.

I personally try to educate myself, support but also protect Levin in this early age from too much pressure. After all, it is his passion and persistence that are driving his success.

Levin is still very young and a lot of talented kids stop swimming in their teenage years. I hope Levin keeps this passion and love for sports his entire life. Encouragement and motivation doesn’t mean you have to tell them they are the best, I always try to give constructive criticism. A competitive child always wants to win, I believe it is important to help them accept failure and show them how to focus on what and how they can improve to be better. Having a child who gives their best effort is worth more than any medal.


I believe sports teaches values that will help in the future, such as integrity, discipline, humility, and courage. To see children in that young age who can shake hands before a race with their competitor is already an achievement!

Simply put, I try to be a cool, supportive parent that an athletic child is proud to have. I believe good communication between coach and swimmer, but also the parents is key for successful and healthy development. The support of his classroom teachers and especially of the Head of PE Team, Mr. Robert Duncan at SISD is priceless.”

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