Meet the new SISD student leadership

Hey! My Name is Zoe Mayer and I’m honored to be your student body president this year! In my free time I enjoy drawing, working on my stationery business and playing videogames. I have a big passion for the arts, and in the future, I’m hoping to study entertainment design and concept art for movies and games! I’m aiming to bring a fresh and interesting new approach to our student leadership team! I want to not only aid in increasing collaboration between student leadership teams but also help every single one of you reach your full potential! There is incredible talent in this school and providing you with a platform to express that is extremely important to me. I’m aiming to do amazing and fun things this year, with everybody’s input, So let’s make sure that we all help create a school community that we are all proud of!

I am honored to the newly elected Student Body Co-President at SISD.

My time at SISD started in 5th grade, since then I’ve immersed myself in diverse leadership roles, fostering a deep commitment to our school community. As a Junior, Senior ambassador, and now Chair of the Bilingualism Council I have been able to organize events, represent the school, and contribute to various initiatives, which has been key to shaping my passion for change. I am currently in the first year of DP with plans of going into medicine after graduation. This passion has pushed me to Co-found the SISD Medical society as part of the Honours Programme, allowing me to organize First Aid training, certifying over 40 students.

Beyond school, I am passionate about scuba diving and hold a certification as a rescue diver. My love for nature extends both underwater and on land, leading me to spend a lot of time exploring the desert and mountains. In addition to my hobbies, I actively engage in Cadets, dedicating time to honing character-building skills and volunteering as an instructor for younger cadets.

For the duration of my role, my focus will be on enhancing communication and collaboration among students, the Student Leadership Team, and the Secondary Leadership Team. I plan to work closely with other members of SLT to amplify the impact of student-led initiatives to foster meaningful change on topics important to our community. I look forward to meeting and working with all students to make our school a better place for all!

My name is Saabiya Naushad, and I’ve been a proud member of the SISD community since 2020. This marks my third year here, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue being a part of this amazing school. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to take on the role of the vice president of SISD, and my goal is to make a positive impact on our community in every possible way. Aspiring to study biochemistry in the UK in the near future, my passion for the medical field stems from a family of medical professionals. My subject choices reflect my passion, being chemistry higher lever, biology higher level, as well as business management higher level. I have a strong passion for philanthropy and love to travel. Additionally, I am actively involved in sports, including tennis and football. My objective is to listen to all voices and cultivate ideas that enhance the harmony and enthusiasm of our school. I am dedicated to enhancing our school community and making a lasting impact. I strongly believe in taking action rather than simply talking about it. My goal is to lead, succeed, and create a meaningful legacy for our school.

It is a privilege to be selected as the Vice President of SISD. My name is Tymour Baligh. I have a strong desire to pursue hospitality and am enthusiastic about sports, socializing, and charitable giving, all of which I think would benefit our school community. Working alongside my fellow grade 11 student leaders, I promote teamwork on projects to improve our school. 

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