One Of The Top 100 Private Schools In The World

At Swiss International Scientific School, we can now proudly say that we are not only an award-winning school but also ranked in the Top 100 Private schools in the world.

The award-winning Spears magazine for high-net-worth individuals has released their “2022 Spear’s Schools Index”, where they have compiled a list of the best private schools in the world. We are proud to be able to say that Swiss International Scientific School Dubai is on the list!

We have topped many schools worldwide, with our high number of international students. As well as our individuality, through providing international baccalaureate curricula in three language streams. And our daily and weekly boarding options.

From new schools across the globe including the UK, USA Switzerland, and Southeast Asia to Africa. The Middle East has come in with 15 schools, Swiss International Scientific School being one of them.

What is the Spear’s School Index?

Spears is a magazine aimed at high-net-worth individuals that covers topics such as wealth management. It has teamed up with Carfax Education, a leading private education consultancy to bring readers a list of the very best private schools in the world.

The index sorts schools into regions making it easy for readers to navigate. The list includes UK Prep, UK Senior, Switzerland, The Middle East, The Rest of Europe, The USA, China & Southeast Asia, and The Rest Of The World.

The list contains specific details about each school. These include travel time from the nearest international airport. Important information about each school’s curriculum, and the schools’ unique characteristics. It names the top schools of each region, along with the age range, gender, whether it’s day or boarding, and the fees for day and boarding.

Who is Carfax Education?

Carfax is a global top leading education group, with a team of experts that combine innovation and tradition in their work. They advise and support families across the UK and the globe to find the best education for their children. Carfax offers consultants that help each pupil to achieve their academic goals in terms of getting into their dream college and school. Carfax also offers guardianship that provides support to pupils who have parents that live overseas, as well as a highly qualified team of tutors.

What does the index say about us?

Ranked as “Top Flight” the index has listed all the essential facts. These include; our fees, school type and pupil type. We are incredibly accessible, only 30 mins away from Dubai International airport. Along with our focus being “Academic excellence with intercultural understanding”. Spears has described us as “A hub of internationalism”. Being one of the only schools in the UAE that offers boarding, we rank highly for international students.

Listed with the likes of Eton College in the UK and Harvard Westlake School in the USA. We really pride ourselves in being in the Top 100.

How we maintain our “Hub of internationalism”

At Swiss International Scientific School, we offer three language streams, French, English and German. We also have over 100 different nationalities of pupils. Being one of the only schools in the UAE that offers boarding, we are the top choice for parents and students globally. Our 100 different nationalities mean we truly are the hub of internationalism.

Studying at SISD, your child will not only have access to international and bilingual curricula programs but an array of students with cultures from across the world. This is a fantastic way for your child to make friends and become incredibly culturally integrated. This is highly beneficial for the future of your child being aware of other languages and cultures creates a better understanding of the many nationalities and religions gaining their respect and understanding for their social life and professional career future.

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