At SISD we take a holistic approach to student well-being.

Counselling is a wellness tool to ensure students’ emotional, social, and mental health.

“The process of assisting and guiding our students, by a trained person on a professional basis to resolve personal, social or psychological problems and difficulties”

is at the heart of our counselling support at school.

We place a strong emphasis on student wellbeing by ensuring that the School Counseling Program is comprehensive in design. It focuses on all students, PreK-Grade 12 in their ability to excel in key areas of growth; Academic, Personal/Social, International Mindedness and Career. Counselors work closely with the Pastoral Care team, Grade Coordinators, SLT and teachers to promote inclusive learning. Confidentiality is key for counseling. Information is only shared as appropriate with teachers to highlight concerns and create goals for student performance. All shared information remains confidential unless a student says or shows actions/signs that can harm themselves or others.


The counseling program uses the IB curriculum and Learner Profile to implement strategies and support plans to maximize student learning. It helps students build a relationship between academics and their life at home and community.


The content of personal/social focuses on providing students with the attitudes and skill set to transition through different stages of growth. It encourages them to develop an understanding of self and others. This includes, setting goals, planning to achieve the goals, and reaching desired outcomes, independently.

International Mindedness

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of culture as a social construct. They acquire an understanding of their family culture and identity to be able to build intercultural competence and acceptance in the school community.


Students take the initiative to identify IB Learner Profiles that are their strengths and work towards building a relationship between personal qualities and knowledge. This helps them outline future career goals and become independent decision-makers.

Counselors work in close collaboration with the Inclusion Department, Deputy Heads (Pastoral Care), Child Protection Team, Grade Coordinators and teachers. Open communication and shared feedback ensure valuable outcomes in student learning and performance.

The counseling program is preventive in its design as the counselors’ implement school-wide programs to meet student needs such as Wellness Week, Social Groups, Week of Understanding, Grade Community Talks, Student Check Ins, Mindful Meditation. Counselors act as student advocates and collaborate with other members of staff to create a positive school ethos.

Our counselling support and services are not only for our students but further extended to our parents, teachers, and broader community to ensure all stakeholders are well support and cared for.

School counselling would include but is not limited to:

  1. Bespoke support for students with difficulties such as anxiety, school refusal, adjustment difficulties, difficulties with social skills, anger, emotional regulation, etc.
  2. Preventative support such as creating awareness on Mental Health and Wellbeing through various workshops, assemblies, newsletters, and videos.
  3. Create a supportive and positive environment for students and parents to approach directly for any support.
  4. Offering guidance to parents on parenting challenges and strategies.

Mrs. Chaishta George, our School Counsellor, holds a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and has more than 13 years of experience in the field of Mental Health and School Counselling. She is available every day during school hours, please feel free to contact her for further assistance.

Mrs. Saskia Theres, our Secondary School Counsellor, holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. She speaks English, French and German and can also hold sessions in these languages. She is available every day during school hours and is happy to provide further assistance.

Chaishta George

Counsellor (Primary and Early Years)

Saskia Theres

Secondary Guidance Counselor