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Life at SISD is full of variety and opportunities. Students enjoy a broad, challenging and holistic environment that brings together students from over 60 countries. Our lively and diverse student body plays a big part in creating the truly international experience we offer. In addition to our challenging academics, we make time for fun, teamwork and human connection. At SISD, we strive to build a community of global citizens who lead a healthy lifestyle and are respectful of others and our environment. In June 2016, our efforts to improve healthy eating, active living and a positive environment were recognised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai with the Happy Healthy School Award.

Your child’s health is important to us, and for that purpose; SISD has two fully-equipped clinics in the school. One located on the ground floor of the Primary building and another in the Sports Complex, open every school day between 7:30 am to the end of the school day. They are operated by a DHCC registered team: 1 full-time doctor and 3 registered nurses.

The Clinic/Health Team is responsible for assessing and managing chronic and acute illnesses, carrying out first aid and emergency care for school-related injuries, intervening with current and potential health problems as well as promoting health and safety among the school community. They also participate in health education activities and health awareness campaigns at the school conducted and/or organized by the SISD Health Department.


The school clinic provides first aid only for illnesses and injuries that occur in school during school hours. Any illness or injury occurring outside of school must be treated privately at home.

  1. If a student is ill or injured, they should be kept at home until they are deemed fit enough to return to school by their treating doctor. Please email the class teacher/grade coordinator and copy the clinic ( or and the department’s secretary, explaining your child’s reason for absence. A sick student will not be allowed back in school without a medical clearance certificate detailing that the child is fit to return to school.
  2. If the student is not feeling well at school, then the student will inform the teacher who will then send the unwell student to the clinic. The child will be assessed by the clinic staff and first aid will be provided according to the Clinic’s regulations and protocols and the signed medical consent.
  3. Unwell students will be observed after treatment for an average of 20 minutes in the clinic. The student will be sent back to the class if deemed to be stable by the clinic team. The decision to send a child back to class or home is done at the discretion and judgment of the clinic staff.
  4. At the discretion of the clinic staff, parents will be contacted via their registered numbers, according to the Clinic’s Communication Policy. If one parent does not answer, the other will be contacted. They will be informed about the situation of their child and whether or not the student can go back to class or needs to go home or the hospital. Students may not contact their parents to collect them.
  5. Parents are required to pick up their children within 30 minutes (in cases of suspicion of communicable diseases, flu-like illness or a suspicion of COVID-19) or within 1 hour (for other illnesses or injuries) after being informed to collect their children. 
  6. Emergency cases that require immediate transfer to the emergency department will follow the Clinic’s Accidents, Injuries and Medical Emergencies Procedure and Policy.
  7. Students whose parents have not submitted their medical consents cannot be treated in the school’s clinic. Only in cases of emergency will first aid be applied according to the Clinic’s Accidents, Injuries and Medical Emergencies Procedure and Policy.
  8.  Under no circumstances is a student permitted to leave the school because of illness unless arrangements for dismissal have been made through the clinic. They have to be assessed by the clinic before they are released to their parents and excused from school.

Please find the details of our Protocol for COVID-19 here.

Our Clinic Team is available to consult with parents as needed, regarding any health-related concerns:

  • For medical or health inquires not related to COVID-19, kindly reach them at
  • For inquiries related to COVID-19, please email the clinic at

Contact Details:

Dr. Yamein Ahmad, School Doctor :

Nurses : /

Kristine Ignacio, Senior School Nurse, Sports Clinic
Jusna Mathew, School Nurse, Early Years  & Primary School Clinic
Julie Varghese, School Nurse, Early Years & Primary School Clinic

SwissCanonica Gourmet Food (Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC) has been operating in Dubai since 2015. We provide premium quality school catering for the top Dubai schools, as well as corporate and private catering. The Dubai branch is part of the Canonica Group with headquarters in Geneva Switzerland where the operations have been running since 1948. The Group specialize in F&B industry, Hotel Management, Airport Retail, Laundry Services, Food Laboratories and Artisan Hand-Crafted Chocolates. Canonica Group operates across Europe, USA and UAE.

At SWISSCANONICA, we believe healthy and nutritious food is vital for growing children. Hence, food quality is our key priority, which is why we place so much emphasis on our ingredients.  To ensure a balanced and healthy meal every day, the menus are created in consultation with a nutritional specialist.

A twelve weeks’ meal rotation is offered to the children, considering the right balance and nutrition. All recipes follow the Dubai Municipality guidelines and are Dubai Municipality approved.

The high-quality ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from reputable suppliers. Bringing together local, seasonal and organic ingredients, showing traceability of products and ensuring no GMO products are used.

Daily menus consist of a starter, a protein based main and a healthy dessert. Vegetarian option for main dish is also available upon request daily.

SwissCanonica Chef and his team cook European inspired menu with a mix of dishes from around the world. Each Thursday the Chef creates a country-specific menu – helping children to learn about the world through the meals they eat.

The Lunch Meal Menu for September 2022 can be viewed here.

Grab & Go menus are available for Secondary students for breakfast and lunch – find the menu here.

How To Order

To sign-up for the SISD Canteen Meal Plan please follow this link: Swiss Canonica SISD.

Contact Us

For more information on our catering service, please visit: Swiss Canonica SISD.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding SwissCanonica catering at Swiss International Scientific School, please email on .

Our library is a thriving environment for learning at the heart of the school campus. We encourage our students from Early Years to Primary and Secondary School, to read books on a weekly basis. Reading is an important complimentary learning tool to general classes. It is proven that reading aloud helps children acquire early language skills. It is one of the best activities to stimulate language and cognitive skills.

SISD’s libraries are vibrant and attractive activity hubs that contain not only books, but also e-resources and other materials that support inquiry, learning, and storytelling at its best. Students have one library class per week where they experience different resources as picture books, early fiction chapter books, encyclopaedias, e-books and reference materials.

Swiss International School Dubai Uniforms

Students are expected to wear the SISD uniform at all times when present on campus unless specific permission otherwise has been authorized. School uniform is also to be worn when representing SISD off campus – for example, when attending sports fixtures or participating in field trips. SISD uniforms are ready for pick-up at Zaks Uniform Store on Jumeirah Beach Road.

In Early Years and Primary School, Students wear shorts/skort, button down blouse/shirt or red/white polo shirt, white/charcoal socks, trainers – no sandals allowed! On PE days, students wear the sports shorts and a polo shirt. On swimming days, students will need to bring water shoes, goggles and swimming caps. They will also need to bring a swimming bag for their wet swimming suits. The available SISD swimming bag is optional. Long pants and long sleeved blouses/shirts are also optional, available on order and take approximately two weeks. The available grey sweaters/jumpers are part of the school uniform for the cooler months. Please always clearly label school uniform items with the child’s name, last name, and grade and section e.g. John Smith KG1A. In addition, each day the children need to bring their: School ID, reusable water bottle that can be refilled, Snack and lunch box. These items should be labelled with the child’s name and fit inside their backpack.

In Secondary School, students wear official grey/black shorts/knee-length skirt/long trousers, SISD shirt/blouse or red/white polo shirt. Only official SISD uniform items are permitted. SISD hoodies and sweaters only: no exceptions. All secondary students are required to change into the official PHE uniform shirt at the beginning of each lesson and back into their standard uniform after class. Students arriving to school out of uniform will be subject to the behaviour policy procedures and may be given spare uniform items to wear for the day. Repeated violations will result in escalated consequences. Shoes should be closed-toe and sensible. Make-up and jewelry are permissible but should not be excessive. Facial hair should be kept neatly trimmed.

Please note: For Grade 11 & 12, no school uniform is required. Business attire is the dress code.  Please see the dress code policy for G11 and G12 students here.


As a sustainable school, we are delighted to be one of the first schools in the world to offer the Thaely brand as an option for our school uniform. Thaely shoes are 100% vegan and made from a material that looks and feels like leather, but is made from recycled materials and upcycled plastic bags. The shoes are very durable, are very comfortable and they look great!
Thaely have a preferential price for all SISD parents of 240AED per pair. More information about the shoes can be found here
Please visit and enter the code SISDAES22 to avail the discount.

Parents are responsible for purchasing the full uniform set.

Click here for Uniforms Price List.
To view our school uniform, click here.

Please contact Zaks for more information:
Tel: 04 33 88 437
Location Map/timings

SISD aims to offer the best quality of transportation to our students. We have contracted the company Maverick Passenger Transport LLC to provide us with a safe and efficient transportation service.

We provide our students with the best transportation experience thanks to a brand new fleet of buses responding to RTA standards with qualified and experienced bus attendants and drivers. Our main goal is to provide a secure and enjoyable journey for the SISD children. Therefore, the travel time is limited to one hour maximum.

We follow a strict security policy of “No child left behind” with a sequence of three separate checks completed after each run. Attendants, drivers and supervisors have each to swipe their ID card at the end of the bus ride to attest no child remains, and this needs to be done within a certain timeframe not to trigger an alert.

The school also offers a generous parking plot with more than 100 parking spaces. Together with an advanced drop-off and pick-up system developed by our security company, we ensure an efficient, smooth and quick experience for parents and students in the mornings and afternoons.

Transport registration for academic year 2022-2023 can be done here.

For any queries/support regarding online registration, parents  can contact Maverick at .

You can also watch this short video for more information on the registration process.

Our aim is to have a school environment where students and staff work together with a spirit of mutual understanding and with the minimum conflicts.

Positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of our school’s code of behaviour and discipline.  Students are encouraged to act responsibly and respectfully towards all members of our school community with the aim being to create and nurture a climate where all students act positively and considerately, with high standards of behaviour at all times.

Our school rules have been clearly defined to ensure common understanding by students, teachers and parents and must be respected by all members of our school community. Members of the SISD community will be guided by attributes as defined by the IB Learner Profile.

Download the IB Learner profile

The PFC’s role is to foster a community culture through events and the facilitation of communication between parents and SISD administration regarding student life, social issues and general school operations; all in alignment with SISD’s mission, objectives and policies.

How we contribute to SISD’s B.E.S.T. & more!

  • Through language clubs we reinforce BILINGUALISM that is offered and exists at SISD.
  • Through our communication with parents and school leadership we elevate connection and support the improvement and EXCELLENCE of our school overall.
  • Through toy and book donations, used uniforms sales and careful use of materials throughout all our activities, we play a role in minimizing our environmental footprint and keep up with our school’s SUSTAINABILITY
  • Through events spread out throughout the year, such as our International Day and Winter Market, we help build our community bond and culture which drive TOGETHERNESS.
  • Through charitable work such as Ramadan care packages and teacher’s appreciation lunches we enhance the SPIRIT OF GIVING and gratitude.
  • Through programs such as the parent-buddy program and representation for each grade section level, we ensure INCLUSION and belonging.

The PFC operates according to an established constitution that allows new members to join the PFC annually. We are proud to represent SISD, honored to serve our whole community and grateful for the ongoing support we get from all families, partners and school administrators.

Meet our team

Miriam Burger, Chairperson
Hala Khalil, Secretary
Patrick Oerer, Treasurer
Ferdous Abbar, Class Parent Coordinator Early Years
Marlo Narch, Class Parent Coordinator Primary years
Athessa Descat, Class Parent Coordinator Secondary years
Nancy Habashi, Communications Coordinator
Marco Gomes, Member at Large
Elsa Gomes, Member at Large
Eleonora Dellinger, Member at Large
Hanan Ezzeldin, Member at Large

If you are interested in being involved whether as an official member or simply as a volunteer, please reach out to