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Why University Admissions officers favour IB students?

We’ve previously mentioned how many universities prefer students who have graduated from International Baccalaureate programmes. They’re accepted at a 22% higher rate and achieve higher GPAs in general, and the academic rigour of the IB casts them in a favourable light, and some universities even provide course credits for IB subjects.

But sometimes, statistics aren’t enough, so take a look at some anecdotes from admissions officers in schools around the world.

Over at McGill University in Canada, Director of Admissions Kim Bartlett talks about the rigorous academic preparation that IB students can expect to receive, and how it applies to university life:

“McGill has enthusiastically recruited IB students for over two decades. Even today, when reviewing an application from an IB diploma candidate, whether from the local CEGEP (collège d’enseignement général et professionnel) or the other side of the globe, our admissions officers can be assured of the candidate’s strong and broad‑based academic preparation. We have seen that IB students embrace the rigorous academic challenges of university life and perform well in their McGill programmes. As a member of the College and University Recognition Taskforce, I can attest to the respected position of the IB diploma at prestigious universities throughout North America.”

On the other side of the world in Australia, Professor Lyn Griffiths, Head of Griffith University Gold Coast’s School of Medical Science, and director of their Genomics Research Centre, highlights the unique learning skills developed in the IB, a core component of the Learner Profile:

“Increasing numbers of university students now continue their education to include postgraduate research qualifications. Unique skills are required for tertiary research studies and for those who continue into research careers. The International Baccalaureate emphasizes inquiry‑based learning, independent learning and lifelong learning. These are exactly the types of skills that are needed to undertake postgraduate research studies effectively and also to develop and establish successful long‑term research careers.”

In India, Dr. Indu Shahani, principal of HR College at the University of Mumbai, reports the maturity, outspokenness, and open-mindedness of IB students.

“Over the years we at the University of Mumbai have been delighted to admit students of the IB Diploma Programme. The candidates stand out as mature, well-grounded students who have a very broad outlook on education. In the class, they are very interactive and well-informed. While they are quite opinionated on issues it is interesting to see how open they are to the opinions of others. Their application orientation helps other students in the college to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The IB philosophy definitely rubs off on our undergraduate education!”

Sounds like a glowing recommendation, doesn’t it? The IB is uniquely designed to prepare students for the real world and the workplace, allowing them to become global citizens and contribute meaningfully to society.

According to the IB’s own guide for universities and colleges, admissions officers are assured of certain assumptions in every student:

Academic strength of curriculum

Admissions officers can be assured of students’ strong preparation of coursework in a cohesive and broad‑based curriculum that encompasses the basic academic areas: mother‑tongue language and literature, second language, social sciences/humanities, experimental sciences and mathematics.

Academic strength of schools

All IB World Schools must offer, support and maintain a minimum of seven or eight strong academic departments.

Academic strength of students

The IB Diploma Programme requires students to maintain a high level of focus and performance.

External validation

The IB Diploma Programme validates both achievement and academic integrity in students’ performance through its examination requirements.

Research and writing skills

The extended essay requirement—an independent, self‑directed piece of research, culminating in a 4,000‑word paper—provides practical preparation for the kinds of undergraduate research required for further and higher education. It is also the opportunity for students to engage in an in‑depth study of a topic of interest within a chosen subject.

Acceptance of educational challenges

Participation in the IB Diploma Programme demonstrates that students accept, rather than avoid, rigorous academic challenges.

Critical‑thinking skills

The required theory of knowledge course ensures that students become critical thinkers who understand the interdisciplinary nature of learning.

Interview skills

IB students have strong preparation in oral presentation skills. Several IB courses include mandatory oral assessments, and the theory of knowledge course requires students to shape their opinions into logical discourse.

Extra‑curricular involvement

The creativity, action, service element requires students to invest a minimum of 150 hours during the final two years in non‑classroom activities.

Maturity and responsibility

The IB Diploma Programme assists students in developing time‑management, goal‑setting and other organizational skills.

Each of these assumptions applies to every student in SISD, and you can be assured of your child having a solid shot at any university they apply to.


DP Guide for Universities

University Admissions

IBDP – A guide for Universities

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    We are delighted to announce that Mrs Ruth Burke has been appointed Principal/CEO of SISD from next academic year. She will succeed Mr. Norbert Foerster who is retiring as planned and moving back to Europe.As an educator and school leader with an outstanding record in school development, Ruth’s experience in leading a range of top-tier international schools, increasing opportunities for all students to be successful and building inclusive community cohesion will support the next stages in the development of our school.Educated in Trinity College Dublin (first degree) and Bath University, UK (Masters’ degree), Mrs Burke’s in-depth understanding of education, her proven track record in school improvement at the highest levels in schools such as JESS, GEMS Wellington International School and Deira International school, will see her vision for student success and wellbeing positively drive all aspects of school culture and provision at SISD in the years ahead. During Ruth’s tenure at JESS Jumeirah and GEMS WIS, the schools were rated as Outstanding in the KHDA DSIB inspections, and both schools are leading IB Diploma schools in Dubai, ensuring students achieve the best global university places.Ambitious for students, staff and schools, Mrs Burke believes strongly in the power of education and the potential of growth mindset, supporting students to achieve their potential and creating partnerships to build effective learning communities. Both boarders and day students at SISD can expect a focus on all aspects of their pastoral, extra-curricular and academic experiences to be developed in a caring, community-focused and forward-thinking manner.In addition, Ruth’s energetic and highly personable approach will assure her successful transition to life at SISD. As mum to three ranging in ages from 8 to 27 years and residing in Dubai for the last 20 years with her husband, Mrs Burke is looking forward to joining the SISD community and further contributing to the four central principles at SISD of Bilingualism, Excellence, Sustainability and Togetherness.SISD Founder, Omar Danial said ‘I am delighted to welcome Ruth Burke to SISD as our new Head of School. As an experienced IB educator, and a long-standing leader in a number of ‘Outstanding’ schools in Dubai, Ruth will be an incredible asset for our school. Ruth’s vast experience of the UAE, coupled with her commitment and passion for inclusive education, will support our vision to deliver a first-class IB education for all our students. I feel very fortunate to have secured Ruth as the new Head of School, and am looking forward to working with her on the next stage of school advancement.’Ruth said ‘It is a tremendous privilege to have been selected as the next Head of SISD, particularly following the remarkable vision and leadership of Norbert Foerster. The SISD Education is unique: global in its outlook, bilingual in its approach, Swiss in its culture, and yet also rooted in the local community of Dubai. I am passionate about the IB, it is absolutely the gold standard of education, and it is what employers and universities are now looking for. When combined with the languages and the STEAM education that SISD offers, I have no doubt that we have developed something unique for our students – I am looking forward to developing this further, becoming part of the SISD community and supporting the school in the next stage of its growth and development.’We look forward to welcoming Ruth to the SISD community this summer.Find out more about Ruth - A Q&A session with Ruth is on our website here.
    Our Grade 11 Diploma students have created their own newsletter for secondary students, containing articles about their recent studies, school news and their personal media recommendations.Read the newsletter here Grade 11 - Newsletter January 2021
    We are delighted to introduce our student leadership team for this year. Congratulations to all students on your selection, and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve together this year!Read more about the students, and their interests and roles here.
    In conjunction with the world-class IB programme, students from PreKG to Grade 5 have the opportunity to study STEAM subjects as part of our enhanced education offer.Personalized learning, creativity, problem solving and project management – developing skills for the future.Learn more about our International Baccalaureate programmes. 
    At SISD we are proud of the unique programmes we offer to suit learners and their interests. We are an inclusive school of diverse pathways and subject choices for students as this ultimately equips them for university and beyond.SISD students are accepted by some of the world’s most prestigious universities.Learn more on our Secondary School page. 
    We are proud to have been recognised with the “People of Determination Friendly Entity - ” award by Dubai Healthcare City Authority.The award recognises our efforts to support and facilitate the engagement of students of determination in line with the UAE national agenda. Our school’s excellent facilities, flexible curriculum choices and dedicated staff all ensure that students of determination reach their full potential.  
    Congratulations to our MYP eAssessment graduates as well as our MYP coordinator Martin Keon on their wonderful achievements:
    • Pass rate : 96%
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    Watch this video to discover what an MYP education looks like.Learn more about the MYP at SISD.