Lilia Benhamida | SISD
Lilia Benhamida
Aug 15, 2021

Lilia Benhamida

Very curious and passionate about reading since childhood, I have always liked to learn and discover new things. I am a natural empathetic person and keen to do good so I decided to study social sciences then sciences of education to help the new generation.

I wanted to become a teacher to transmit and share knowledge with my students of course, but also to learn from them because our students also have a lot to teach us. Also to see my students progress and thrive as a student but also as a child.

This is why I wanted to join SISD. This school really considers students and their well-being, and as a teacher, I can say that a child who feels good is in the best condition to learn well and grow as a student. Furthermore, joining this school is an opportunity for me to train in a new, innovative and efficient pedagogy.